Vacuuming–Easy Cleaning Checklist

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I recently tried out a new vacuum, the Dirt Devil® 360º Reach™.  It’s a different kind of vac than I am used to, not the standard roller wheel vac.  It has the engine up by your hand which means it can convert in all sorts of ways.  It can be small or long.  It has a long tube that enables you to reach high spots like some lights and ceiling fans or the tops of window and door frames.  Or take the long tube off and you can conveniently use it as a hand vac, like for stairs or baseboards.

It’s corded, which some people might not like but after having tried several cordless varieties, the batteries never last as long as I need them to.  The cord is also 27 feet long and is very convenient.


This isn’t a list of brand-new, never-heard-of ideas of where to vacuum, it’s an easy cleaning checklist for all of you wanting to have a good deep cleaning vacuum session.

1.  Hardwood floors

Woah–does this sounds like a giant no-no?  Who would vacuum their delicate hardwoods?  That might completely scratch it up!  My most favorite attachment on the Dirt Devil 360 is the dust mop vac.  I could marry this thing–and never accuse it of not helping with the housework.  I have 90% hard flooring in my main floor and sweeping it all every day, several times a day, gets old and time consuming.

Watch how awesome this thing is:

It has the soft dust mop so nothing gets scratch and all fine grit gets trapped but it’s also a vacuum at the same time so you aren’t just pushing the dirt all around with you.  I feel like an idiot trying to use traditional dust mops, but this thing is freakin’ awesome.

2.  Cars

Shocker, yes–you can vacuum your car.  But I always took my car to the carwash place to vacuum so it didn’t get done very much.  With the Dirt Devil 360, I just used two main tools–the crevice tool and the stair tool, without the extender and it was vacuumed all pretty, like way more than with the carwash vac.

Who doesn’t love a good before/after pic?

before and after car

3.  Ceiling Fans:  Arg, isn’t cleaning ceiling fans the bain of your existence?  The Dirt Devil 360 actually comes with a specific attachment just for that job.  Makes it a snap!

4.  Baseboards:  The crevice tool, hands down soooo nice.  It’s tiny and rubber tipped so you get really close and feel like you are getting everything.

crevice tool

5. Windowsills/window tracks:  Crevice tool again, get those dead bugs and dirt.

6. Stairs:  Stair tool.  You can use this with the extension or not.  I actually feel like I can handle it better without the extension.  It’s nice because it swivels in several directions and the brush can be accessed from the bottom or the front.

7. Pictures:  Dust tool

8.  Drawers/Cabinets:  A variety of tools might work for this, but I love the crevice tool.  You feel more in control I think and can get into the tight corners.  However for large spaces I might use the dust mop.

9. Soft Furniture, like couches:  Use the stair/upholstery tool

10.  Wood furniture with planks:  I used the dust mop tool but you can also use the crevice tool.  This is so convenient for our farmhouse table and bench, when crumbs fall in the cracks.

11.  Vent returns:  Dust tool

12. Dryer lint catcher:  Crevice tool.  Just put on the attachment and go everywhere, from baseboards to vent returns.

13.  Underneath appliances:  crevice tool–it’s smaller than the standard crevice tool and can get into tiny spaces.

14.  Underneath beds and furniture with legs:  Extension tool with power brush or dust mop (depending on if the furniture is on carpet or hardwood.)

15. Electronics:  Dust tool, crevice tool

16. Closet floors:  Beater brush.  So much dust lives in the closets!  One idea to help combat this is to install a low shelf for shoes and things and everything stays off the floor.  Then vacuuming is easy.

17.  Bookcases and dresser surfaces:  Dust tool

18.  Carpets and rugs: Power Brush tool

19:  Drapery:  Dust tool

20:  Corners of walls/ceilings:  Crevice tool

Now obviously there are way more things you could vacuum with a Shop Vac, but this is a list of things to vacuum with just your everyday vacuum.  I love the Dirt Devil 360 Reach Vacuum a lot, especially for hard surfaces.  One of my favorite features of it is that you can just lift it up if something is in the way (like the cord) instead of having to roll over or around it.

I also wanted to mention that the first day I got it, my son actually dropped it and a small piece broke off.  I called customer service and they responded quickly with shipping out a replacement part.  That was so great!  Good customer service makes me feel a lot more loyalty to the brand.

If you’d like to try out the Dirt Devil® 360º Reach™ yourself, there is an awesome deal right now to get the vacuum for only $149.99 with an attachment set valued at $75 at while supplies last.

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Dirt Devil, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #DirtDevil360Clean


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  2. Vacuum cleaner should be always used in our every household chores. Not only they are readily available since they are most of the time included in our shopping list but they also help us in practicing green living in the simplest but easiest form.

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