Make a Spooky Wreath

It looks like my house threw up Autumn. Or Autumn threw up on my house. 
Either way, I got a lot of fall/halloween decor and not enough space to make it non-cluttery so even cutting out half of my decor my house STILL looks a little too decorated.
That is my excuse for not doing very many fall crafts. Maybe I should make stuff and then give them away on the blog…sound good to you? Sounds good.
Are you sick of Halloween wreaths yet?  Here’s mine:

…gotta love using Photoshop brushes 🙂 

For this wreath I used a foam wreath form, white yarn, a piece of ‘sign-cut’ wood, and a red faux floral.  Oh yes, and some plastic spiders, not shown. 
And of course my lovely assistant.  With some serious drool on those overalls.
I started by wrapping the wreath with the yarn, pulling it tightly.  This took awhile. 
When I was almost to the end, I trimmed the floral and jammed it in the foam. 
Then I wrapped the rest of the wreath, covering the bottom of the floral.  I didn’t cut the yarn though…
Since I decided to wrap it around the wreath in a spirograph format to make a web.
I then painted the sign black.  Then I free-hand painted the white letters: “Abandon all hope ye who enter here” (from Dante’s Inferno) I was going to do vinyl but I just didn’t have time.  Plus the free-hand gives it a much more old and creepy feeling.  After I painted the white letters, I sponged on some black and then wiped it off with the same brush.  And I used gray (the black mixed with white) to fill in the letters that you couldn’t see very well. 
I also painted some of the gray on the yarn in the middle to add some dimension.
For a wreath hanger, I tied some muslin strips together and added a tiny bit of black paint. 
Just tied it on!
And glued on these big scary spiders.  (I would freak if this was for real!)
Here is my spooky wreath!  And since I have so much Halloween stuff (and will probably do more next year) I made it so that when Halloween is over, I can just cut off the ‘web’, & remove the sign (which I just slipped in between the string) and have a plain white wreath with a pretty red floral!  Perfect for something Christmasy or Valentines, I’m thinking?

And because you love me, here’s a free printable for you:

Happy Halloween…in a few more weeks!

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  1. Better Life Bags says:

    love it 🙂 AND I love that you can use it for other holidays – those are my favorite types of decorations!

  2. posidanielle says:

    Adorable! I totally need to make one.

  3. Amy @ Increasingly Domestic says:

    This is so cute! I agree that if it were real I would be terrified…those spiders are huge!

  4. Carmen @ Life with Sprinkles on Top says:

    This is definitely different than what I've seen. I like it! The spiders are creepy. hehe

  5. C.S. Curtis says:

    So adorable, I need to put more halowwen type things on my blog!

  6. "Just put it on!!!" What a great tut that was. Referring to the couch cover, of course.

    Have you actually read Dante's Inferno? And all this time I thought that phrase was from Bloom County. I too, stink at listening. Although I think mine is mostly at listening to books.

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