Helpful Etsy Shipping Tips!

Shipping is actually a tricky thing because everyone has to figure out what works best for them. For me, I sold a lot of hair things and onesies at first and shipped those USPS in small manilla envelopes. After I moved to selling bedding almost exclusively, I shipped through a Fed Ex account, which was convenient and cheaper for me. I just bought my boxes at Walmart. I probably could have saved some money in the long run by buying shipping stuff in bulk, but every time I looked at it, I just didn’t see how it would save me money with my particular shop.  But good places to purchase shipping supplies are ULine and USbox.  
Another thing that many sellers do is invest in a shipping scale (look on ebay) and postage printer (ebay!)  so you can weigh your package, print out the right amount of shipping, and schedule a pickup with USPS.  I would have loved this option if I’d stuck with selling smaller items.  They are a little pricey though, so make sure you are going to stick with your biz.  In the meantime, you will probably have to just wait in line at the Post Office.  
Packaging is a big deal.  You want your product to arrive to your customer in a neat little bundle so they are further affirmed that you are an amazing shop.  It’s the first “Real Life” Impression!  I’ve changed things up, always trying to figure out what I liked the best.  
Let me take you through my process:

All my shipping supplies:  Cardboard box, large plastic bag (Fedex loves me so they give me tons for freeeee!) Fedex Ground Shipping Form, Business Cards, Personal Thank You Card, Shipping Tape

I made my own business stickers!  I designed a sheet in Photoshop and then printed it to full sheet label paper.  Had I had my Silhouette when I made these I could have cut them out in cool shapes too.   I put this sticker on a plain white card.  

Write a personal Thank You.  This is what sets you apart from Corporate World!  At first I tried to avoid all personalization so as to appear ‘legit and professional’ but over time I learned that that’s why people love Etsy!  They love contact with the seller and the friendliness and appreciation that comes with.  

Put it all together in a neat little bundle.  I always wrap my quilts in ribbons because I love it.  Then I can slip in my card and a couple of my business cards.  

Then I can slide the bundle into my heavy duty plastic shipping bag and tape it shut.  

Then slide it into the box…perfect fit!  Tape it shut.  

All is left is to fill out the Fedex form, which I do before I go to Fedex.  And since I have an account, I just hand over my form and box, they type-ty type on the computer and print me out a tracking number.  Voila!  Easy Peasy.  And then I always follow up with an email to my customer including the tracking number.  After I ship the order, I usually blog about the order, as you’ve all seen.  I love sharing my orders with you all and it’s a great way for the customer to get a sneak peek at their package!   

Shipping can be stressful, so don’t feel like you have to do what you think ‘everyone else’ is doing.  Do what works for you! 
 If you find it’s not working, refine your process.  You will learn and discover new and helpful tricks along the way.  
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  1. Thanks for the shipping tips. At first I thought the title was Etsy Shopping Tips and I thought I really don't need help shopping on Etsy but as a newbie Etsy wanna be seller, the shipping tips were great!

  2. Wonderful tips! I have a little shop on etsy also, called ‘Art On A String’ , where I sell my handmade jewelry. You can find me at and also on facebook at

  3. Dog master says:

    What is the store that you sell your stuff on and do you still packages stuff like that

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