Lovely comments

  1. I love the pics-especially the elephant. Tell the boys that ethan et al hope they feel better soon and to eat lots of popscicles for us. XOXO

  2. Oh I feel SO bad for you!!! I have never had so many things go wrong in one day like that…but just being pregnant also…I can’t imagine it!! I am still dealing with nausea too and I really thought it would be better now that I am almost 19 weeks…and its just the same and driving me nuts! My prescription nausea pill also knocks me out within an hour…same symptoms you get from your pill. Isn’t it the worst? Sometimes I can’t decide what’s better…being sick or not being able to function because I am falling asleep! Oh the things we do for these babies;)

  3. Girl, I am right there with you!!!!! What a tough time you have had but you got through it beuatifully, somepthing I would not have done myself, no way!

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