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  1. These are such fun outfits! I can’t make out one of the tags. I’m wondering the brand of jeans paired with the striped Toms, white scarf, and pearl earrings (last set in the first grouping.) Do you happen to remember?

  2. I too LOVE boots!! I have 5 or 6 pair myself and when I go shoe shopping (which I love to do!) I find myself in the boot section every time! My favorite time of year to get boots is the summer, because that’s when boots are usually on sale! Then I’m all set for fall when it rolls around! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I always get jealous when I see Fall clothes starting o show their faces. Fall clothes are more like winter clothes for me. I had to laugh when you said you only had 5 pairs of boots. Every year I say I want boots and Kai always says “why? You have so many!”
    Cute Clothes, Heidi! Wish they were all in my closet!

  4. I would really like to know where some of these items are from because I would love to purchase them! Is there a way you can tell me where some of the items in the outfits are from/what stores or online shops. Especially there is a brown herringbone kind of fitted jacket that is part of an outfit that looks like it is browns and greens. It is pictured with a gray looking plain tee and skinny jeans and a green scarf and bag. And there are some gold bangles and some drop down earrings with the outfit. I really really want that jacket and am dying to know where to get it!!! Please let me know!

  5. Love the outfits!

    Where did you find those boots?

    I would really like a pair of black and browns boots this fall; of course cute, but not too expensive!

  6. I love all your looks!!! Would like to see a list of all these brands. I spent hours looking for that striped hoodie and the grey dress though. Where are they from?

      • I don’t have links to all of the items but several of them are in my polyvore account (hhferguson) and you can find others through my ‘clothes and fashion’ pinterest board.

  7. I’m in love with the look you have with the long blue jean shirt, the black leggings and the copper/brown boots. Can you please tell me where the boots and the long blue jean shirt are from. I’ve only found short blue jean shirts and I would love to wear this with leggings! I followed back to your pinterest page but it took me to a google image and didn’t allow me to see where this adorable outfit was from!

    • Sigh…I wish I knew too! For some reason that one is not showing up on my pinterest board. I’ve learned a lot since doing this post and next fashion round up will have ALL the sources of clothes!

  8. My sister is dying to know where the cream/black coat with two rows of buttons is from, and I don’t see that set on your polyvore account. Can you help?

    • It’s from House of Fraser ( but it’s currently sold out. Lots of items listen on polyvore sell out quickly… 🙁

  9. I was wondering where a few items are from do you have a list? Top two favorites: black dress last outfit of second grouping and the caramel color boots paired with the denim long sleeved shirt. Please email me at Thanks a bunch 🙂

  10. Love all of these looks. Can I ask how you found all of them on polyvore? I am having a hard time finding looks I like navigating on polyvore…I could use some search tips!

    • I actually do a search on Pinterest and through that have found polyvore users I like and follow.

      • I love, love, love the brown leather bag in the outfit with brown peacoat and black and white striped shirt! Can you please, please tell me where I can get this bag? I have to have it! Thanks

  11. Can you tell me where to find the Grey Coat and Aqua accessories? Specifically the grey top and grey boots ,. it says Cute & Sassy under it. When I click the link it doesnt take me anywhere.

  12. I want to know where I can buy the “Striped tuxedo top + Yellow cardigan”. Your link no longer works for that one and I LOVE that tuxedo top!!!

  13. These looks are simple, which I like but I have all but given up finding places to shop for stylish clothes… Since I am over 50 and have put in a little weight. I’m not not the size 4 anymore, sigh. Clothes are either frumpy or all geared for that slim 30 year old I used to be. I am so discouraged, I have quit trying


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