Simple Tips: How to Make Hard Cookies Soft

I have all these little handy tips in my head that I always want to share with people but when I think about writing a post, it would be super short and therefore not post-worthy.  So this is what I’m going to do about that…a series called “Simple Tips.”  Every now and then I will share something under that category of “Simple Tips” mmkay?

Today’s Simple Tip:  How to Make Hard Cookies Soft….Put a piece of bread in the box with the cookies!

How to Make Hard Cookies Soft

Many of you might already know this tip for keeping your home-baked cookies soft, but did you know that it also works to soften cookies that are hard?

I bought some $1 chocolate chips cookies from the grocery store bakery the other day and was unpleasantly surprised to find they were hard and crunchy…NOT my preference for cookies.  So I put a piece of bread in the cookie box and tried to arrange it so all the cookies touched the bread.  A few hours later, they were nice and soft!  This is a good way to make store bought cookies better–maybe even pass them off as home made if you’re in a time crunch! 😉

What simple tips do you have?  I’d love to hear in the comments!

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  1. I have heard you can use bread on top of a layer cake before frosting it to keep it soft, too!

    My Dave simple tip is using a hand mixer with a single beater to blend natural peanut butter!

  2. also works for brown sugar

  3. A tip to go along with that though. If you leave it in there too long they get so soft they fall apart before they get to your mouth. lol 😉

  4. I use this trick all the time! It is wonderful, isn’t it??? And you’re right, it does work on cookies that are already hard. And you don’t necessarily have to have them touching the bread either. Works as long as you have an airtight container to hold the cookies and bread. Love these tips!

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