Be Grateful with Kristen Duke Photography

Hello friends! My name is Kristen Duke, and I'm a photographer who loves all things crafty and home decor...especially when it means I can use pictures of my family as well! I ran a Decorating with Portraits series on my blog in September. Go check out all of my guest bloggers and peek into their homes (on my sidebar). I LOVE to take pictures, and teach others how to do so as well. I have a beginner photography book available on my site for … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Craft-Thankful Tree!

In all your Thanksgiving Craft searches, I'm sure you've seen a Thankful Tree.  I wanted to make one this year using the PSA Essentials stamps.  It couldn't have been an easier project that adds such a pretty little element of Thanksgiving for this time of year. And on the back of each circle we write what we are thankful for!  I'm all about remembering my blessings, especially when I tend to get whiny about things (like our small apartment … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Kids Craft…Make an Advent Calendar!

Making a Thanksgiving Advent Calendar was a really fun craft to do with my kids. Confession:  I don't love involving my kids with my crafting and sewing. Gasp!   (Jim Gaffigan Voice:  She doesn't like crafting with her kids?  She must be a horrible mother.) It's not that I don't like to do activities with them, but it's just SO much easier to get things done when I don't have to constantly be like, "Wait, don't touch that--be careful with … [Read more...]

Warning: Severe Goo Ahead

I'm not one to gush about how amazing my husband is.  Sometimes I feel like when people do that it feels a little forced, as if to say "I'm bragging about my husband so you don't know how crappy my life really is!"  Which is silly, I know.  (So feel free to continue to gush about your honey on FB.)  It's just not typically me. But this week I have been away from my sweetheart and every day--no, more like every minute--I've been realizing how … [Read more...]

The Thank You Note Project

Enter Lella Boutique Pillow & Runner Giveaway Here!!!**********Hello HoneyBear Lane readers! My name is Allison and I am super pumped that Heidi has been so gracious to allow me to "have the floor" (if you will) and share the Thank You Note Project with y'all today.The Thank You Note Project is my experiment in living this year more meaningfully, more impactfully, and more appreciatively. I have set a goal for myself to send one … [Read more...]

Remember to love what you already have

I'm writing this post really quick from my iPod, but this is something I've been thinking a lot about lately and it goes along with the whole 'gratitude' theme this week.It's so easy to think about what we don't have and to find others who have it and be envious. I've always been envious of people who seem to always have enough money to enjoy the luxuries in life that I don't have (traveling to cool places, owning nice things,etc.) But too often … [Read more...]

Count Your Blessings!

It is the day of Giving Thanks.  And I have a lot to be thankful for!  I would like to share my list with you:The Amazing HubcapWho chose to marry me!My babesEternal Families (& my Faith)My amazing parentsMy exponentially growing familyGood (future) job and hardworking husbandThat no kids have been smashed......and you better believe I am thankful for this!!So many more blessings...great in-laws, great friends, great business, great … [Read more...]