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Get Ready for this…

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Okay you remember how it’s National Sewing Month?
And you know how sewing projects are super awesome?
And you remember how I just barely did an Applique tutorial?
And you know how winning prizes is completely amazing?
I am combing all of these elements to bring you…

You are all invited to make an appliqued item and submit it to me by September 30th! 
I love applique because it is the easiest way to add a personal touch to a sewn item.  And you don’t even have to sew something to enter!  You can think outside the box and come up with all sorts of cool things.  So now is your chance to make that onesie for your little one or come up with a super cool personal Christmas present for your mommy!  You can submit stuff you’ve already done or brand new projects.  Limit your entries to five items.  Send me your entries with pictures to honeybearlane@gmail.com and then PLEASE upload them to the FLICKR group so that everyone can see your amazing projects!
Now, onto the most important thing…what are you competing for?

Natasha from Skye Reve Fabrics is our wonderful sponsor for this contest!  I will tell you all about this amazing woman a little later, but right now you need to know she is generously donating gift certificates to her shop Skye Reve Fabrics!  What a perfect way to celebrate National Sewing Month than by getting free designer fabrics!

Grand Prize:
$50 Gift Certificate to Skye Reve Fabrics
  $25 to my shop
“Start to Sew” sewing kit

Includes:  Singer scissors, pink measuring tape, craft/sewing needles, Sharp machine needles, elastic, shiny pearl pins, and thread
2nd Prize:
$30 Gift Certificate to Skye Reve Fabrics 
$15 to my shop
3rd Prize:
$15 gift certificate to Skye Reve Fabrics
$10 to my shop
I’m SO excited to see what amazing things you guys come up with!  Spread the word about the contest and make sure to put the button on your blog!  And remember, the deadline is September 30th.  That’s plenty of time to crank out some amazing appliques!!  
Now go Applique Away!

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  1. What a fun contest! I've been meaning to make some shirts for my daughter and baby boy that's on the way. Now I have some motivation! Thanks. I can't wait to get started.


  2. Ross & Amanda Goodman- but mostly Amanda :) says:

    OK, I'm in. I just need to come up with something awesome.

  3. Tyler, Alexis, Karielle and Jillian says:

    does it have to be applique?

  4. I just found your site through Shirley C & you've got some wonderful tutorials & ideas, HoneyBear!!

    I just sent you several projects to enter into the give-away & I also uploaded them to the group's gallery. Some are done with fusible webbing & raw edge, some are blanket stitch, one is Madeira applique using wash-away thread, & a few are machine appliqued with the embroidery mode.
    I hope all type of applique are acceptable.

    This is a wonderfully generous give-away & I'm thrilled to be permitted to have a chance!
    Thank you!


  5. Oh…forgot to say I put your button on my sidebar & will tell my sewing friends about it, too!

  6. Deanna Jane (cullenkidsmum) says:

    So excited! Can't wait to see everyone's appliqued projects.

  7. Better Life Bags says:

    I'm going to enter your contest! Just wondering how you choose who the winner is… random or are their judges? Thanks for making me try applique!

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