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Safety Pin Bracelet

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What do you do with a bunch of safety pins? 

Why not make a pretty little bangle?

I knew I wanted to make one of these back a couple of years ago when I saw this beautiful bracelet at Thanksgiving Point Gardens gift shop (in Utah).  I was floored to discover that something that was in a pricey gift shop was something that would be super easy to make!
  • A bunch of medium-size safety pins (about 100-200)
  • Beads…very small to medium
  • Elastic thread or very low gauge elastic

I used a packet of colored seed beads and some silver spaces in different sizes
Open up your safety pin and put the beads on it.  You can do them all one color or each bead a different color; plan out your pattern
Make a bunch of beaded safety pins…you should do this along with threading them on the elastic so you know exactly how many to make of each color
Cut two generous pieces of elastic…don’t cut them according to how big around your wrist is because it will get pretty hard to thread the pins on and tie off.  Tie them together to start in a loose knot, leaving a good sized tail
Start threading them on, making sure to alternate tops and bottoms.  I also like to put safety pins in between with the beads on the other side, so that way you can have two designs on either side.  
Keep threading pins on your elastics until its length will fit around your wrist without stretching the elastic (if you have to stretch it, it will cut off your circulation.)  Tie the two elastics together, making sure that both elastics are the same length.
Here’s one side
…and here’s the other side.  Not too different, but a little. 

These are super easy to make…a little on the timely side though.  But they are a great craft to do with kids!  Even my two-year-old was helping me put beads on the pins.  And I love the way they look and feel!

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  1. Country Mouse says:

    Great bracelet! I love it!!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Deanna Jane (cullenkidsmum) says:

    Fantastic bracelet! My daughter and I will be making a few of these this weekend, she will be starting a trend at school for sure!! Thanks~

  3. Darin and Kali says:

    so cute! I'm going to do this with my activity days girls.

  4. That is awesome, Heidi! It's really cute and totally something I could do. Thanks for the tutorial!

  5. BluKatDesign handmade artisan jewelry says:

    Very cute I will have to try this!

  6. tracey johnson says:

    hello my name is tracey macks johnson i am deaf . i have my2 daughters .. i knw how everything abt crafts safey pin bracelets . i do love it .. i knw how is very easy crafts .. hope u will email me anytime ok ..
    thank u ,
    tracey macks johnson

  7. CUTE ! its really easy n still cool

  8. I wish you gave the exact count of beads and safety pins. That would have been great for me. I guess I have challenges without them. 🙂

  9. Cute awesome bracelet gonna try to try it.

    1. Heidi @ Honeybear Lane says:

      Definitely try it! It’s so fun and easy.

  10. How do you keep the elastic from coming off the head of the pin?

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