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A Mustard Seed Dream Giveaway

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*****  GIVEAWAY CLOSED *****

I LOVE vinyl!  And I especially love the huge wall stickers.  I want to share with you all a brand new Etsy shop that sells these very things, that are unique and just…amazing!  Tara, from A Mustard Seed Dream, gave me a glimpse into her life and business…

HBL:  How did you get started with your craft?

MSD:  My mom taught me when I was little to be crafty, when I found out about the stickers it just fit with all the possibilities they have to offer.

Chalkboard Map of America: Made from Chalkboard Vinyl!

HBL:  What do you love about your craft?

MSD: That if you get tired of it you can take it down and change it. It doesn’t have to stay forever.

HBL:  Describe yourself in one word and explain

MSD:  Grungy. That was my nickname that my dad gave me after I fell off my horse in a big frozen mud hole one fall day. Since he passed away that name is really special and reminds me of him.

Tree with Leaves

HBL:  What is a typical day of work for you

MSD:  No day is typical. Whether it is doing the stickers or working with the Juvenile Probation. Nothing is ever the same. Change is good for me and keeps me thinking.

HBL:  What would be your dream for your shop?

MSD:  To have my own lil craft store in our own lil town.

Sports Silhouette

HBL:  What do you do with your time off?

MSD:  Ride my Horse. I love it!!

HBL:  Describe your family…married, kids?

MSD:  I married my Middle School and High School Crush, we dated all through High School and eventually ended up married. We both grew up in a small town with small town values and we still live by those today. We have one sweet little girl who is the center of our lives. I wouldn’t change a thing!

Love Letter Sticker

HBL:  What is the most important thing in the world?

MSD:  My family is the most important thing ever to me. Even though we are not perfect and sometimes we don’t see through the same eyes or have the same ideas. I love each and everyone of them!

Tara wants to offer the beautiful 24″ x 4″ vinyl sticker to one of you ($20 value.) 
What a perfect thing for a craft room, kitchen, play room, etc!   

And as an awesome BONUS, Tara wants to offer everyone 15% off a purchase!  Just mention “Honeybear Lane” in a message to her and she will give you the discount!  

To enter this giveaway, please visit Tara’s SHOP or BLOG and leave a comment here.

For a second entry, tell me your something sweet that happened today!
This giveaway will end on Friday, September 24th at midnight

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  1. Saunders Family says:

    I love, love, LOVE the tree with leaves vinyl. The colored flowers are adorable as well.

  2. I love the flowers with all the colors…

  3. The Full Nelson says:

    my something sweet….hmmm hugs from kiddos

  4. I love the chalkboard map. That would be a great place to keep track of the places we've visited!

  5. Nothing sweeter than my two little guys screaming and waving and blowing kisses out the window as I leave for work. Makes it almost impossible to drive away!

  6. I am totally digging the flowers. They would look so cute in my older daughter's bedroom. Something I've wanted to do but haven't. 🙂

    marinsoup at gmail dot com

  7. Something sweet today… Hmm… I remembered my lunch today and since I am trying to lose weight, that is a good step in the right direction for the week. LOL!

    marinsoup at gmail dot com

  8. What a fun shop! I really like the flowers and the trees. Very cute!

  9. Love the daisy wall art – simple and cute

    poohsden at gmail dot com

  10. I love everything she makes….but I would have to say my favorite is the "create" vinyl shes giving away! How GREAT would that look in my craft room!!!


  11. The sweetest thing that happened to me today was when I went to lay my twins down for their morning nap. LJ just wrapped his little arms around me and put his head on my shoulder and cuddled up to me while I sang to him. It was so sweet to get to just stand there and hold my baby (esp since they are 13 months now and don't like to cuddle mommy….) Then, to my complete surprise, when I went to put WC in his crib he cuddled me also! It was such a sweet moment with both my boys that I actually teared up. 🙂

  12. I liked the Tree with Leaves vinyl, this shop is really fun!

  13. My son feeling sorry for his little cousin who was just born last week and was having a "booboo in his belly button"

  14. Hi everybody, it's Tara from A Mustard Seed Dream. Thanks for the comments!! I would also like to offer to anybody that places an order this week 15% off, just leave a comment saying you are coming from Honeybear Lane! Thanks!

  15. Traveling Thrifter says:

    I checked out the SHOP love love love the once in a while fairytale vinyl!

  16. Traveling Thrifter says:

    Something sweet…I got my wisdom teeth out and even though it's not soo sweet now it will be once my teeth stop aching and swelling…since they've been bothering me for a year!

  17. Sarahnthegirls says:

    Oh! That's awesome! I love it. It would be perfect in my sewing/crafting room. 🙂

  18. Sarahnthegirls says:

    for my second entry – something sweet that happened today:

    I surprised my daughter at school and had lunch with her and her friends. We talked and laughed and had a great time. The best part was when my daughter realized there was just one cookie in her lunch and she asked me to take 1/2 of it home for her little sister. I just love how much they think of each other when they aren't together. 🙂

  19. Some cool stuff there. I like the headboards. But also the argyle print wall art graphic. You have some great giveaways!

  20. I love it all! I live in an apartment so vinyl is such a great way to personalize the space. I especially love the huge tree with beautiful leaves.

  21. Hooray for bonus entries! Something sweet that happened today is that I got the last of my testing scheduled. I'm trying to donate a kidney to my dad and we're soooo close. It doesn't get much sweeter than that.

  22. Brigitte cusson says:

    I love the new store….congratz~

  23. Brigitte Cusson says:

    Sweetest thing: Watching the triplets bounce on the bed and laughing hysterically at each other – so cute!

  24. My something sweet is cuddling with my little ones under their new quilt.

  25. Julie @ My Life...Inspired says:

    The sweetest part of my day was playing peek-a-boo with my 5 month old and having her laugh hysterically every time she would see me…melts my heart!

  26. cheekymonkey says:

    I'd love love love to get the zebra print decals cuz I'm WILD! And all the trees are gorgeous. I'd turn each room into a jungle, if I could!

  27. cheekymonkey says:

    Someone was super sweet to me today cuz they let me borrow their largest pot so I can make an upcoming dinner party work. I don't think I could pull it off with only one pot!

  28. I love vinyl! And 'create' is soo perfect for a crafter!

    spunkycrayon at yahoo dot com

  29. Today was the first time in over a month I saw the kids I nannyed for 2 years. The oldest gave me a hug and had a huge smile on his face when he saw me. "I missed you" he said. Melted my heart.

    spunkycrayon at yahoo dot com

  30. sweet thing from today?? rainy day, cuddled up with my middle love… he says to me " I love your hand Mum" ( he holds my hand to sleep during the day 🙂

    love vinyl!

  31. Tyler, Alexis, Karielle and Jillian says:

    And the sweetest thing that happened to me today was my 2 year old daughter telling her daddy (who is on a short deployment for the military) that she "yubs" him. 😀

  32. These are awesome! I love the "across the years" saying. It would be perfect above our bed!

  33. The sweetest thing that happened to me today was having my son give em a really long neck hug this morning. He's the sweetest thing!

  34. Visited her blog and shop. Fingers crossed 😀

  35. my something sweet that happened today was my oldest daughter helped my autistic son get dressed for school!

  36. Heidi (Todd) Broberg says:

    Tree with leaves is my fav

  37. smiliesar says:

    I love it all. I got lost on Esty looking through it all for a long time. So fun.

  38. I love the tree! It would be great with the Fruit of the Spirit I did this summer.

  39. My youngest son (3.5yrs old) comforted a fellow music class child when she was upset her mom was not in class with her. Made me a proud mama!

  40. Beth Anne McCann says:

    I love the last name vinyl sticker 🙂

  41. Beth Anne McCann says:

    Something sweet that happened today… My little baby girl was blowing kisses! XO! So cuteeee!

  42. I love her site and the tree vinyl sticker!

  43. I won tickets to the Tiger baseball game today! Sweet!

  44. Better Life Bags says:

    I LOVE the branches with birds… it'd be perfect for my new little girl's room!!

  45. Better Life Bags says:

    and something sweet that happened today… well, it's early, but I always love the big smile my 1 year old gives me when he sees me for the first time that day!

  46. Ross & Amanda Goodman- but mostly Amanda :) says:

    Ooh, I know just where I would put that! (That's what she said. . . sorry)

  47. Ross & Amanda Goodman- but mostly Amanda :) says:

    So far, the sweetest thing that has happened to me today is my happy baby kicking and giggling while I sang along to a song on Pandora. Too cute!

  48. La Vita Bella says:

    I like the clock cutout. I would love to make my own clock. The colored flowers are really cute too.

  49. La Vita Bella says:

    The best thing to happen so far today is, although my 2 year old woke up at 5:30, she didn't cry and I didn't actually have to get out of bed till 6:30. 🙂

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