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Stamped Apple Tutorial

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I know my blog has been noticeably devoid of autumn crafts.  So here you go!  I saw this craft on Martha Stewart and I knew I had to try it! 

  • Apples
  • Fabric paint (I used Tulip Brand “Soft”)
  • Fabric for printing and fabric for practice
  • Paintbrushes

Let’s get started…
Mix your paint…I added a tiny bit of black to yellow to get more of a mustard color
Cut your apple in half and make sure the seed holes are looking pretty
Paint your apple, nice and thickly
Press your apple down on the practice fabric (mine is muslin)
Whoops!  Good thing I practiced!
After my practice, I stamped my real fabric and it came out still a little rough. 
So I just gently filled it in, not being super thorough so it would still have the stamped look
Make a bunch for lots of fall crafts! (I actually carved a “w” into an apple and stamped it on that green apple.)
I made three fall crafts with my stamped apples: Dyed red onesies with applique, a burlap wall hanging, and another project that I will show you later (…so mysterious…)
I’m pretty sure you could do this with leaves too, but alas, I have no beautiful colored leaves gently falling to the ground.  I have to decorate my house and trick my family into thinking it’s fall. 
Curse this endless summer!!!

My Little Apple Boys…how cute is that kiss??!
Easy wall hanging:  Cut some burlap, fray the sides, applique the apple squares, add a ribbon!
What can you create with your apple stamp??
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  1. posidanielle says:

    What an adorable idea!!! I love it! thank you so much for sharing!<3

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