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New Quilt: Red, Black, and White

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“Diamonds” in Red become “Rubies”
in the
New Quilt
Crib Skirt
Satin ribbons
Velvet ribbons
Soft Minky
Shiny Satin
Playful Polka Dots

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  1. you make such beautiful things. I made a puff quilt once and it seems to hardly compare to the ones I see you make. Please tell me your seams are not all perfect… I'll feel better about mine then.

  2. Callin and Kristen says:


  3. Momma Twitch says:

    Amazing! I attempted to make one a couple weeks ago…you make it look SO easy!!

  4. OK…so how much do I love all you quilts? But this one??? Can you make a queen size for my bed? Ha! I am in awe of every quilt you make. I always send the links to my friends and we just drool over them! I really don't know how you get them SO perfect…but keep it up!:)

  5. this is sooooo pretty! you are sooo talented!

  6. banclothing says:

    I love puff quilts, they are really original. I don't have a reason to make one at this time however, I hope one of my friends get's knocked up so I can make one. I really like how rich the red looks with the black and white.

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