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Advertising Off Etsy: Setting Up Social Media (So You Want to Open an Etsy Shop Part 5)

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So You Want to Open an Etsy Shop Part 5
Advertising Off Etsy:  Setting Up Social Media

So you’ve made a few sales from Etsy and you’re starting to feel a little more comfortable with your shop. But renewing and relisting items all the time is just not getting you the business you want. What’s the next step? Advertising Outside of Etsy.  The first part of this is setting up your Social Media.

Your Blog
First thing you should do is set up a blog exclusively for your business. A blog is such a wonderful business tool that I think many businesses don’t appreciate.  A blog is a way to instantly connect with your customer.  Your blog will be your home base for your business.  You can share free and useful information that is pertinent to your Etsy shop business.  It can include other things from time to time, crafts or family pictures or whatnot. That gives it personality and shows your customers you are a real person. However, keep the majority of your writing to the same topic.

What to Write About:
Your business blog should definitely show off your products, but that should be only like 10-15% of your content.  You should think about things that your ideal target market would like to read about and write about that.  People love lists.  Do you sell baby products?  Write an article called “10 Easy Tricks to Help Your Baby Sleep.”  Share some useful things you have learned in your industry.  Don’t be afraid to be real, you can connect with your customer on an emotional level.  And don’t worry about writing with fancy language…who wants to read that anyway?  Write the way you talk, and infuse your personality into your posts.

Blog Must-Haves for Businesses
You absolutely must have an About page and a Contact page.  Take advantage of these two pages and really make them interesting.  (Okay, yes the contact page doesn’t have to be super interesting, just as long as your contact info is clearly visible and you invite your reader to write you.) The About page should show a picture of you, maybe some of your products, maybe some of your favorite things.  You could consider doing a video About page if you’re really daring.   Your blog should also have Social Media buttons and a clear way for people to follow you.

Don’t know much about setting up a blog?  Visit my Bling Your Blog Series or Nina @ Momma Go Round’s Beautify My Blog Series, 

If you don’t have a Facebook account and want to do business online, you are seriously undermining yourself.  Facebook is a great social hub for you to interact with customers, fan, and friends.  Sign up for Facebook if you haven’t already and set up your account.

Once you have an account, you need to set up a Fan Page for your shop.  To set one up, read Facebook’s Instructions for Setting Up a Fan Page. A fan page is great because you can post normal status updates and stir up a conversation to interact on an immediate basis with your fans.  You can also post links of great finds, your latest blog posts, your latest Etsy listings, and more.  Etsy even connects with Facebook so you can have a separate tab that shows your Etsy listings.

To get your customers to “like” your page, you can send your friends invitations.  You can also post incentives or have a giveaway.  You can’t actually host a giveaway on Facebook (it’s illegal) but you can giveaway something for free to everyone (like an ebook) and have them list their email on your page. My friend Rebecca @ Better Life Bags made most of her sales in her shop beginnings through Facebook by posting pictures of her work to her friends! 

Post frequently to ensure that people continue to like your page and to keep up that customer/reader connection.  For some great tips, read How to Set Up a Fan Page That Works

Twitter is kind of tricky to figure out, and to be honest I have only recently gotten the hang of it.  I first set it up under my personal profile and never used it.  So then I set up a new one under Honeybear Lane and I use it frequently.  There are three things you do first:

Follow People, Gain Follower, and Send out Tweets. 

Once you start doing this, you will slowly begin to get the hang of it.  The best way to use Twitter is to interact with your followers.  Read their tweets on the main feed and reply to them to strike up conversations.  You have to use the @ symbol with their Twitter name to make sure they get the message.  For example, here is one of my recent Tweet convos from Craft Test Dummy:

Retweet:  Click this link and the entire tweet will be tweeted to all of your followers.

Hashtag:  the # symbol that is used to mark keywords that can group tweet together.  We use hashtags for Twitter chats, like the Crafterminds Twitter chat that happens every Monday afternoon at 1:00 PST. 
 Read more about Hashtags

Click on Reply and the tweet will only go to the person who tweeted originally. 

Other Things To Know:
#FF:  Follow Friday.  You can recommend who to follow to your followers or be recommended.  Good Twitter etiquette dictates that you reply and thank the Tweeter!

Tweeting a link:  Links are really long and with Twitter you are only allowed 140 characters.  Use a URL shortener to shrink your links to share in Twitter.  My favorite shortener is bit.ly
Get more basic Twitter help.

There are many other different social media platforms (Blog Frog, Flickr, LinkedIn, etc), but I think these are the big 3, and they are the ones that I use most.  You can play around with other things to see what you like.  The most important thing is to be consistent and not try to do too many. 

After you have set up your Social Media, you are ready to start promoting your business through ads and giveaways!  (Next Time, on So You Want to Open an Etsy Shop…)
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  1. Wow, great tips! I just bookmarked the link shortener… always wondered how people did that. =) Thanks again! (P.S. Found you on OnePrettyThing)

  2. Thank you for your hard work to collect and organize, to share with you a lot about the fashion thing, and this is very useful to me.

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  3. Heidi – I happened on your blog, and read all 5 posts about starting an Etsy store tonight! I’ve had an UNSUCCESSFUL store (Quilted Expressiions) for more than a year . I’ve decided to put my store on vacation for awhile so that I can try out your suggestions! Thank you so much for all the information! You did a great job putting it together so that it’s easy-to-follow.

    1. Heidi @ Honeybear Lane says:

      Thanks Linda! I have to add a caveat though. My shop has been opened on Etsy for years now but I haven’t actively promoted through Etsy for awhile until now. And I’ve learned that the game has changed quite a bit since the last time I actively promoted on Etsy. So I recommend spending some time in the forums and researching ways to get your listings found in the search and how to correctly tag and label your listings. Also watch your shop stats and give it a week after making changes…the changes will occur but it takes time. Don’t expect instant results. Good luck!

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    clearing away make an empty burial place and this aren’t able to retain the style of the first kind chief executive, The commemorative perplexed people, mainly because there were not at all plaques or it may be catalogues to advise them the reason with what it is all about. there’s, essentially, no bronze sculpture in the 35th lead designer. A sculpture ended up being placed in a plaza in ft benefit, the state of texas. these bad opinions in direction of JFK magnificent politics and social daily activities noise rampant consistently in texas in addition a staute among her in Dealey Plaza would likely of course nevertheless be defaced in some cases drawn reducing.

    confusion regarding the obituary grave also client curiosity attending Dealey Plaza resulted in the starting the particular Sixth deck adult ed in the former the state of texas school textbook Depository elm 411 freeway.

    their commemorative Plaza came renovated and as well,as well as the rededicated through June 24, 2000. Yearly fixes and as well as repairing are made that by administrator the actual public on elm highway, when it comes to different interest doing 2003 in addition to the 2013 holiday months.

    high dollar MuseumOn President’s Day 1989, [url=http://www.scoop.it/t/charmingdate-com-reviews-search]charmingdate[/url] The Sixth terrain gallery unclosed to viewers challenging last year in the double saying of numerous actor Ronald Reagan’s presidential admin. in this time, adult everyone is $16 per specific person.

    despite the fact that gallery possesses which experts claim variety of areas of the sixth flooring have actually been intently renewed to 1963 good reputation, It ceases to score which often two from the wwith regard todows glasses and glass whole properly divider end up taken off 1963. this will be significant two pickup truck’s windows which has frames to any walls getting [url=http://charmingdatefakescamreviews.tripod.com/]charmingdate.com[/url] taken down the government by. cause.

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