Day 1 of Slipcover Week: Beautiful White Inspiration

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So the Challenge this week on the CSI Project was Slipcovers and Upholstery.  Wanna know something sad?  I spent the first part of this week MAKING a slipcover that turned out, um…AWESOME!!  How did I miss this?!  If I’d blogged about it on Wednesday or Thursday then I could have entered.  But here’s a horrible, guilty confession:  I have seriously been slacking on reading blogs.  I am subscribed to WAAAAAYY too many blogs and my Google Reader scares me.  I mean like “1000+ unread items” scares me.  So sometimes I just check ‘Mark All as Read.”  And I’ve totally missed out on stuff lately.  Guess I’ll have to weed through the Reader again.
Anyway, here are some amazing slipcovers both handmade and purchased, to kick off my big 
Slipcover Reveal Week!

One of my all-time favorite rooms…love the white slipcovers!!! @ Life in the Fun Lane

Make a slipcover from a dropcloth @ Love of Family and Home
I love this girls house and her white slipcovers INSPIRED me to get some too!!  
@ The Inspired Room

Plus she wrote a GREAT article called “5 Things to Consider Before Choosing White Slipcovers”

How fun is this FUR Ottoman!  And really super easy to make.  @ The Nester
Another one of my favorite designed houses @ Dear Lillie, I love this ruffly Ottoman slipcover…
And then she decided she wanted pleats instead!  I LOVE this one.  I love the more structured look of pleats.  Simple Instructions for How to Make a Ottoman Slipcover!

And here is the winner of the CSI Project Slipcover Competition!

She slipcovered an old leather couch!  Not an easy task, my friends.  Check it out @ Edeenut

Plenty more to see out there folks, plenty more to see…
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  1. Is it just me or is white the go to color for decorating these days? Is it just a trend or are people afraid of color?

  2. Quilter in the Gap says:

    Have you tried the "next" button feature on google reader? You don't even have to go into the reader once you place that button on your toolbar. You simply click next and it will page through your unread blogs. Great way to skim if you don't have time to read. Check it out.

  3. This is a really great site. I really love the pictures and just to see what is possible by creating your own slipcovers. It certainly saves alot of money, instead of buying a totally brand new sofa. Great Work!!!

    Make your own recliner chair slipcovers

  4. Wow! Those look great! 🙂

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