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How to Write a Guest Post

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Have I Told You…Lately…That I LOVE You??? (<–Yes, the song)

You guys really came through for me yesterday.  I wrote for help and so many of you jumped at the chance to help me!  I am so thrilled to be able to share so many of your blogs and talents with everyone here.  I visited all the blog links you sent and was just over the moon about them.  You are all so talented, creative, funny, and just great people.
Gush, gush, gush.  

So now that we will be having more guest posters than usual (and some of you first-timers), I thought I would just go ahead and post a quick tutorial on how to guest post.  

The first guest post I did was actually for Kari @ UCreate.  (Isn’t that cool?  I know.  I’m awesome.)  She was like “just go ahead and send me the html!” and I was like “sure thing!” but thinking “html????”

She later explained, as I will now.  But don’t worry if someone (or me) has said this to you and you had no clue what they were talking about.

Step 1:  Write the Post!
Go into your blog account and start writing a post as you normally would for your blog.  But you should definitely write as a ‘guest’….meaning you need to introduce yourself and share some of the things that you’ve done.  And always link back to your own blog!

Here’s the behind-the-scenes of my last guest post at Mom Endeavors.

Step 2:  Copy the HTML
At the top right corner of the main writing area are two tabs, one says ‘Compose’ and the other says ‘Edit HTML.’

Click on the ‘Edit HTML’

You will see all the gibberish that is the HTML code.  You will highlight all of this code and copy and paste it into an email.

If you want to include a short message in the email, do it at the top, not the bottom.  Don’t try to put anything after the HTML, it will just get lost.

Send your email to the blogger whose blog you are guest posting on and you’re done!

And of course the day that your guest post comes out you should definitely post on your own blog/FB/Twitter all about it!

And be sure to get a ‘I was Featured’ button (I’ll get mine up soon) and proudly display it on your blog.

Since HTML is pretty universal, it copies the easiest.  If you tried to copy the words and pictures, it might not translate to the blogger’s posting platform.  Even if it works, they will most likely have to re-format all the pictures and words.  Just more work for everyone.

Why Guest Post?
To help a sister out!  Okay, really, you usually want to guest post because it’s a great way to reach readers you might normally never reach!  Most of you bloggers don’t want to give stuff away (like shops or companies can) so guest posting is a great option for appearing on other blogs!  Plus you don’t have to cross your fingers that your project gets picked from a linky party to be featured—which is totally awesome, but guest posting is like free advertising!  

So if you are looking to grow your blog, try writing to bloggers you love (like me, ahem!) and asking if you can guest post!  By the way, it’s always best to guest post original content if you can.  ๐Ÿ™‚

And I always love hearing from you so email me whenever!  Love you guys!
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  1. Life In The Thrifty Lane says:

    I always love your tutorials! Last month I was in total panic when I was supposed to guest post and didn't know how to send my post to the other blog!

  2. Thanks for the tutorial. I've always wondered how people do it.

  3. J A C Q U E L I N E says:

    I feel like you have been reading my mind! I had no clue how that was done! you are amazing!!! thank you a million times thank you

  4. Amy Kirchhoff says:

    Well, I'll be!! I just finished typing up a guest blog for Craft Monkey. I had never done one before, so I just used pages and send her an email with my pics attached. Never even knew there was this much better way. Thanks so much!

  5. Chrissy @ Boerman Ramblings says:

    i hope you did not write this post because I sent you my guest post wrong! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Okay, I have a question. I read somewhere that in order for your pictures to post when doing guest posts this way they have to have actually been published in blogger (not just uploaded). Otherwise you just get that little blue box in the middle of the picture. So what I read said to schedule the post for a future date, publish it, THEN copy it and send it to the poster because hitting the "publish" button moves the pictures in the virtual world somewhere, so they actually exist (okay, I have no idea what they actually said with all their fancy schmancy words, so that's my interpretation). Has blogger changed this, thus making it easier?? Did I misunderstand? Am I out of my mind?? (wait, don't answer that. I already know the answer)

  7. Lindsay @ Diary of a Crafty Lady says:

    Melanna, I just did a guest post today, and I had NOT published my post previously, and all the photos showed up fine. It was a draft, and pictures were uploaded only.

    Hey Honey Bear Lane:) I would be interested in doing a guest post. I believe you said that it doesnt necessarily have to be a new thing, right? I might come up with something new anyway, but just in case…
    Let me know if you are interested.
    I blog at craftyladylindsay.blogspot.com

  8. Sara @ Mom Endeavors says:

    This is a great post! The first time I did it, I had no idea what I was doing either. ๐Ÿ™‚
    And, can I just say that I LOVE that your example is the guest post you did for me?! ๐Ÿ™‚ So fun!

  9. Thanks for the guest posting tips! Baby GIrl is beautiful by the way!

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