Guest Post by Nicole: Indoor Snowball FIght!

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Today’s Guest Blogger is Nicole @ Tuca Luca Silly Lily, she’s sharing a fun indoor activity for kids!

This is my first time guest posting anywhere, I have just started blogging, thanks to Heidi’s series about how to build your etsy business.  
So after debating for a day if I was going to start blogging, I started my blog.  
And never in my dreams would I imagine that I would be guest posting on a blog I have admired and been so inspired by.  
So yay! Super excitement over here… I even did a ‘happy dance’  
(you know what I am talking about… the little happy dance you do every time one of your kids hits a milestone or someone does something super awesome… yeah thats the one.)

So, here we go.  First ever tutorial.. but the project is one of Tuca’s favorites. 

Indoor Snowballs!  
I know winter is finally starting to end, so I apologize for the winter reminder, but these can be used all year long, they make a great summer rainy day game too.  This will be our second batch of snowballs in our house, because one batch was definitely not enough, we play with these all the time, and not just the kiddos.  When our friends come over, my son always starts a snowball fight and it just escalades into a snow war in our house.
So here’s how to make them.
What you will need:
  • Fluffy soft batting
(this was left over from other projects)
  • White socks
(I used men’s regular sock but I have used men’s white dress socks before too)
That’s it. No sewing required.
Oh and just a tip, remember that socks come in SETS, so if you want ten snowballs, buy a five pack of socks, not a ten pack like I did, although the ten pack was on clearance, so its a win-win anyways.
So let’s get started.
First take a BIG handful of your fluffy batting.
And then take one sock, and cram the fluff all the way to the toe of the sock.
Even little hands can help with this part.
And in our house, Buzz has to try to help too.
Then you fold the remainder of the sock around itself.
And take the opening end of the sock and swallow the stuffed part of the sock inside of it.
Then your done.
Repeat a billion more times and you  have a big pile of snowballs.
And then… let the fun commense!
It’s really hard to hold the camera steady while being pummelled by snowballs and trying to throw them back.
Oh, did I mention its fun for all ages?
Silly loves to play too.
You can always do what we do, store them in a bucket and use the couch as a fort, waiting for unsuspecting victims (like Daddy) to bombard with an impromptu snowball fight when he walks in the door from work.
Or take them with you when visiting family and friends.  Even Great Grandma’s get into indoor snowball fights, we had a big one last Christmas at her house, so we know first hand. 🙂
Hope you have as much fun with these as we do!
~Nicole and Tuca

Thanks so much Nicole!  
What an awesome activity that is fun and safe and not too messy!!
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  1. Vanessa Goertzen says:

    Ha ha ha, that looks fun!

  2. Chrissy @ Boerman Ramblings says:

    what a fun idea..may have to try this next rainy day !

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