1. Danielle and Eric says:

    Absolutely beautiful! I am hoping that someday I can turn one out as lovely as yours. Like you suggested, I am starting small, but I would love to have something to pass on like my Grandmother and Mother have done. *THUMBS UP*

  2. That quilt is stunning. I would to learn to sew, I guess I just need to get sewing machine and do it!

  3. I LOVE your can do attitude girl!! You and I would get along great. It drives me crazy when people say the can't sew,but I am not confrontational so I don't say too much:/ Love your quilt and the quilting is GORGEOUS!!!

  4. Awesome, I have adapted this attitude as well and am learning just how much I actually can do, and it is SO much fun! I love your quilt, you did a fab job on it. I bet your customer was thrilled!

  5. It's so pretty. You did a wonderful job with the quilting.

  6. Its gorgeous, great sewing and the colours are fab 🙂

  7. Taylorm1984 says:

    So beautiful!! I know I can sew…I've done multiple projects but buy the end of each project I swear I will never sew again!! I really really don't like to sew! I only do it if I have to lol. I am however so grateful people like you, who do love to sew. So I can still enjoy a homemade item without having to make it! 😀

  8. stitchinpenny says:

    LOve the quilt especially the colors which are well outside my comfort zone. You are so right – keep doing and don't give yourself excuses not to do any thing.

  9. Andrea Pisano says:

    pretty colors. good job
    . congratulations

  10. just wanted to say, LOVED this post!

    your quilts are always pretty, whether puffed or flat.
    its your soapbox speech that i love.
    right on!

    1. Heidi @ Honeybear Lane says:

      Thanks so much!

  11. First off that quilt is sooo beautiful…One time like 10 years ago i made two quilts…I dont know what i was thinking…I had never made a quilt before…I just followed one of those handouts from the store…They were pinwheels…very time consuming…but they turned out really cute…it hurt to give them away…anyway whats funny is that i was just telling my husband if only i could pay someone to do the things i already know how to do like dishes and making pj pants…lol…i want to try new things…right now im workin on a buffet table i got on craigslist…hope it turns out like the vision in my head…lol…again that quilt is adorable…i love the fabric u used for it…

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