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Whimsy Couture Giveaway!

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Most of us are DIY gals right?  That’s why we look at craft blogs…for instructions on how to make awesome projects ourselves.  DIY-ing is really awesome and I’m totally addicted to it.  Especially in this down economy, we need to dig up our hidden talents and make things ourselves rather than spending money on a finished product!

Which brings me to this…

Have you heard of Whimsy Couture?  

Patterns, people.  Tons and tons of patterns.

For good prices.  Check out this super cute things you could make from these patterns!

The Peasant Dress

Buntings, buntings, and more buntings!

One of my favs…the knot dress!

(How cute are those pictures?!)  The Gathered Bonnet


These are just the TIP of the iceberg.  Whimsy Couture has dozens of patterns, ranging in all levels of expertise.  They have patterns for everyone:  you, your baby, your older child, boys, girls, etc.  Tons of stuff!

Today they are giving away a 3-pack of sewing PDF e-books of your choice!

To enter:

And if you can’t wait to see if you won–use the code FORYOU at checkout to save 25% in the Whimsy Couture Etsy Shop!!
This giveaway is open worldwide; You must follow Honeybear Lane; It ends August 28th at midnight.


  1. Tammy Holmes says:

    Cute patterns! I would love to win.

  2. I signed up for the newsletter! great patterns!

  3. Never heard of Whimsy Couture til now.. There are some adorable patterns !! Signed up for the newsletter. 🙂

  4. signed up for the newsletter, such cute patterns!!

  5. I signed up for the newsletter. I love all these patterns, they are adorable.

  6. I signed up for their newsletters! Cute patterns!

  7. I have sent a friend request on facebook

  8. already a fan of them on FB!!

  9. im a follower of there blog to get there updates!!!

  10. I am now following their blog, supper cute stuff!

  11. I signed up for the email list!

  12. I friended Whimsey Couture on FB

  13. I ‘friended’ whimsy couture on FB

  14. I love Whimsy Couture! I signed up for their mailing list.

  15. I signed up for the blog update and added them as a Facebook Friend. LOVE their patterns. Precious!!!

  16. Whimsy Couture patterns are great, clear precise easy instructions.

  17. katie pinkelman says:

    I’m signed up for their newsletters. Love her patterns!

  18. katie pinkelman says:

    I’m a friend of Whimsy Couture on FB

  19. HannahBee says:

    I subscribed to the email updates!

  20. HannahBee says:

    I just subscribed to the email updates!

  21. Brenda Stephenson says:

    Love your patterns, I have lots of them. Now that I have a little grand daugher I’ll be putting lots of them ingo good use.

  22. becky allison says:

    I friend requested and signed up for newsletter! Yay I love these patterns 🙂

  23. All signed up for WC email updates

  24. Friend request sent WC, awaiting approval

    Thank you for this lovely opportunity I just love WC patterns!

  25. Fun! I’m now subscribed to Whimsy Coututre emails.

  26. Ellen Henry says:

    I subscribed to mail list and friended whimsy c! Would love to win

  27. jennifer jones says:

    signed up for newsletter

  28. jennifer jones says:

    Friended Whimsy Couture on Facebook.

  29. I signed up for the newsletter…

  30. And I’m a fan on fb 🙂

  31. I signed up for the emails. Love WC patterns!!

  32. I am now receiving their blog posts via email. Thanks for sharing.

  33. I have friend requested them on FB…they sure do have some cute patterns. I hope they are beginner friendly because currently I only do quilts but I am wanting to branch out a bit.

  34. I am follower to Honeybear Lane and I signed up their mailing list!

  35. I friended Whimsy on facebook!

  36. I signed up for the mailing list!

  37. Thanks for the giveaway! Love your patterns.

  38. I signed up to their newsletter 🙂

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