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Lella Boutique: Embellish a Stocking Cuff

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Hello HoneyBear Lane readers!  This is Vanessa from Lella Boutique.  Now that it’s November, I’m dreaming about Christmas decorating. One of my all-time favorite Christmas activities is sewing up stockings for my family.  (My favorite part is picking out all the fabrics and trims.)

Today, I’m going to show you just how easy it is to make add an embellished cuff to a stocking. I’ll also be sharing a few of my favorite tricks in assembling the stocking!

I’ve used my new Twinkle Toes stocking pattern to demonstrate how to embellish a stocking cuff, but this tutorial can be adapted to just about any stocking pattern!

If you do make a stocking using my pattern, please share a picture in the Knock Our Stockings Off contest! (You could win a fabulous fabric prize package from Fat Quarter Shop…full contest details here. Oh and Heidi is one of the judges! Woohoo!)


No matter what pattern you use, there are three components you will need: a stocking hanger, a stocking, and the lining (lining should be inside-out with an 4-5″ gap in the side).

I also recommend that you read all instructions before beginning.

To add a stocking cuff, you will need one fat quarter of fabric (a generous amount for most stockings).

To make the cuff, you will need to cut two strips of fabric from the fat quarter.  They need to be 5″ wide, but the length will depend on the measurement of your stocking opening.  Just measure across the top of your [flattened] stocking opening (mine is exactly 6″); double that (= 12″) and add 1″ (= 13″).  Looks like I will be cutting two 5 x 13″ strips.

Here are my 5 x 13″ strips. As an additional step, I’ve ironed non-woven fusible interfacing (feather weight) to the wrong-side of each strip. (The interfacing seems to add stability to the fabric and overall shape of the finished product that I really like so I actually fuse it to my stocking body as well.)

Take each cuff and fold in half widthwise, right-sides together, and pin.

Sew along the pinned side of each cuff using 3/8″ seam allowance. Press open the seam of each with an iron.

Turn each right-side out to form a tube.

Now it’s time to add the embellishment trim to one tube only.  You will need approximately 16″ of trim. If using rick rack, line up one side of the rick rack trim with the raw edge of the tube, and sew down the center of the rick rack.  I used jumbo rick rack and found that a 7/8″ to 1″ seam allowance is just about right.

No matter what kind of trim you use, the important thing is to remember that everything LEFT of the stitching is what is going to show. So, if you are using pom-pom fringe trim, make sure the pom-pom-side faces in (left of the stitching).  Also keep in mind that certain trims may require a different sewing machine foot. (I need a zipper foot for pom-pom fringe trim.)

I don’t usually pin the trim down beforehand.  I think it’s easier to line it up with the edge of the tube and follow a consistent seam allowance.

Once you meet the starting point , overlap the ends and stitch over the top.

If you find it bothersome that the rick rack ends don’t fit together perfectly, you can always trim the rick rack (after the last full curve) and center a lone curve of rick rack between the beginning and end tails (see below).

With most other trims, the ends will overlap seamlessly.

Once you’ve sewn the trim in place, turn the embellished tube inside-out and slip it over the plain cuff (right sides together), making sure the side-seams line up, and pin the layers together at the top around the opening.

Sew the two tubes together following the existing seam of the trim.

Turn the whole thing right-side out to form a long tube with the trim in the center.

Tuck the top-half of the fabric inside. We now have a cuff, people!

As a final touch to the cuff, I like to top-stitch 1/4″ away from the fabric edge around the cuff.

Now all you have to do is assemble the stocking! Slip the cuff over the stocking body, matching up the side-seams and aligning the raw edges at the stocking opening.  Pinch the stocking hanger in half; pin in place centered over the side seams.


Slip the stocking into the lining (right sides together), aligning the side seams and raw top-edges, pinning all layers in place along the stocking opening at the top.

(You see why we’ve left a gap in the side of the lining?  It’s how we’re going to turn this right-side out!)

Sew through all the layers along the stocking opening using 3/8″ seam allowance.

My favorite part! Bring everything right-side out through the gap in the side of the lining!

Fold in the fabric at the lining hole and pin shut.  Stitch the opening closed using a needle and thread. (I recommend a ladder stitch.)

Tuck the lining into the stocking and you’re all set! Can’t wait to fill all of my stockings with goodies!

Don’t forget to check out the Knock Our Stockings Off contest details for a chance to win a beautiful fabric prize package from Fat Quarter Shop!

Aren’t these the most beautiful stockings you’ve ever seen?? Vanessa is so talented. Please go and try out her pattern and enter to win the “Knock Your Stockings Off” contest!! –Heidi


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