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Puff Pillow Pattern & Giveaway!

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It’s finally here!  I have been planning on doing my puff pillow pattern for seriously ever and I know lots of you have been wondering when I would finally get around to doing it.  Patterns take a lot of work to put together so I just kept putting it off until I had a little more time.  And now is that time apparently!

Screen Shot 2013-06-10 at 11.39.32 PM

This pattern is perfect for those of you who would like to try your hand at puff quilting but don’t want to commit to an entire puff quilt project.  These pillows are pretty quick to make (VERY quick if you choose not to do a binding!)  and are such a fun accessory in any room!  This would be a great project for your kids as well.  It’s 33 steps, each step illustrated with a picture.  The pillow requires a 16×16 pillow insert (which you can get very cheaply at Joann’s when it’s 50% off.)

blue pillow

You can purchase this pattern in my Etsy shop today and soon in my Big Cartel and Shoplocket.  It’s instant download as well!


And if you’re feeling lucky, go ahead and enter to win this pattern–I’m giving away 10 today!

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  1. Yes, yes, yes!! I love to try this technique. I’ve long admired it and a pillow seems like just the perfect project! Thanks.

  2. My favorite pattern is the diamonds puffy quilt. The colors are amazing!!

  3. I’ve been wanting to try this!

  4. I have not had a chance to get any of your patterns yet. But there are so many I would love to try!

  5. I really like the basket weave pattern, you can do so many combinations with it.

  6. I am almost finished with my first puff quilt!!!! Only the binding is left. This would be perfect to pair with my quilt!!

  7. I love the puff quilt it is so pretty!! 🙂 I also like the basketweave quilt also!!

  8. Amy Turner says:

    Diamond puffy quilt

  9. Danielle King says:

    My favorite pattern is your puff quilt – I never saw anything like it until I found yours! That’s why I would be excited to try it out small scale on the pillow first… I get so anxious before diving into a big project 🙂

  10. Priscilla Gresens says:

    I love almost everything on this site!

  11. Penny Case says:

    I love doing new stuff and with Christmas right around the corner this would be a great start…..

  12. Elizabeth c. says:

    The puff quilt is my favorite

  13. Sabrina Gardner says:

    Samantha! I think doing a pillow would be so much easier and less stressful than a full quilt.

  14. This is so cute! I’ve been working on my puff quilt for quite a while now. This would be cool to try.

  15. I’ve always adored your puff quilts and think it’s about time to try one. Thank you

  16. Brandy Tinker says:

    I love the rag puff quilt, it’s so adorable!!!

  17. I love love yr puff pillow! Such a cutie! tks fr the chance,x

  18. Anne Marie says:

    I love the original puff quilt pattern and hope to make one soon.

  19. Heather Mooney says:

    I would love to win a pattern for the pillow. I bought the pattern and made the puff baby quilt for my baby’s bed and I love it. I could make some pillows for the living room with this pattern. Pick me, pick me!

  20. I love the raggy puff quilt.

  21. Debbie Weishaar says:

    I would have to say my favorite is the puff quilts. I’ve not made one yet but I do have one to make in my to do pile of projects.

  22. Puffy Island Make a Puff Quilt Pattern.

  23. Marty Walsh says:

    I love the original pattern. Have been wanting to do this for a long time!

  24. I have wanted to make a puff quilt for years. This looks like a perfect opportunity to try!

  25. Carol Lawrence says:

    Love your new puffy pillow pattern. Great for a trial run puffy project! Instant (nearly) gratification projects are my favorites!

  26. What a perfect alternative to trying a puff quilt for the first time! Very clever!

  27. Perfect for a puff novice like me! Thanks!

  28. Chelsey Holladay says:

    I love these pillows!! You are so talented!

  29. Kim Fahrni says:

    Cool give away. I’d love to try quilting!

  30. Thanks for the great giveaway! I love your blog!

  31. Connie Haack says:

    I have wanted to try the puff quilt. I really like the puffy island quilt.

  32. So glad you came out with this pattern, I love the quilts!!! You Rock!!!

  33. Love the puff quilts, the pillows are a wonderful addition!!! I love the diamonds pattern, and the island one! So excited your making these again.

  34. Puffy Island Make a Puff Quilt Pattern

  35. I love all your puff quilt patterns. Beautiful work!

  36. So fun! Thanks for the giveaway!! I love your puff quilt pattern, this would be a lot of fun to make!

  37. my favorite HBL pattern is that original puff quilt that I fell in love with. you made it in gray/black/yellow/white. It completely won me over and was a HUGE factor in my deciding to learn to sew actually. 🙂

  38. I would love to win this pattern and try it out before I would commit to making a big quilt…

  39. Love the puffy island pattern! Thinking it’s about time to finally try my hand at making a puffy quilt!!

  40. Melissa Quinn says:

    Beautiful pattern! I love your quilt and expect no less of the pillow!

  41. Liz Schwab says:

    Today I chose to check back to this website and I am SO happy I did. I talk to my husband all the time about these awesome quilts. I would love to win the matching pillow pattern. As soon as we find out if it is a boy or a girl, I will be making one for our first nursery! Your blog is wonderful and even though quilt making isn’t in the cards any more, everything else is still AMAZING!

  42. Hi, I am so totally new to quilting – always admired them but never made one. I’d love to win this pillow pattern. I think it would be a great way to get started. My daughter wants me to make single bed sized quilts for her 5 year old twins so I think this wee project would be a much more realistic starting point.

  43. I love the puff quilt pattern!

  44. why don’t the links work?

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