Ellie, Huggies Slip ons, and a Target Gift Card Giveaway

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My Ellie is almost 20 months.  I have been telling her age to people a lot lately and every time I find myself thinking, “Is that right?  20 Months?  Seriously?”  I can’t believe she is four months shy of turning two.  Two is like the age where you can’t call them a baby anymore.  Two is when you have to start considering potty training (yes, THAT nightmare again!) and fighting the independent fight.

huggies slip ons 4

I love that age, to be honest.  They are getting so much more capable of doing things and speaking and everything they do is like a new milestone.  Ellie can say so many words that she couldn’t say a month ago and it’s so cute I wanna die.  “Will” = “Wiw”, “Lucas” = “Cooka”.   She tries to ask for more fishy crackers = “Mo’ ‘ishy!”  Seriously, being a mom is the best.

huggies slip ons 2

I have been changing diapers now for five years.  I have tried lots of brands but have always come back to Huggies.  They just…work.  They hold everything in, they feel sturdy and yet comfortable for my kids.  But I tried something new today at Target and got Huggies Slip Ons.  Have you ever tried these?  They are basically the exact same thing as Pull Ups but look like a diaper.  It’s a great transitional diaper for babies who are a little more toddler than baby and wiggle way too much during diaper changes.  And that’s Ellie.

baby in diapers

So far I like the Huggies Slip Ons.  They are easy to change and seem to fit her really well.  They haven’t leaked at all.  I like that they can pull up and down so she can learn to do that herself and maybe be a little bit more ready for potty training in the future.

huggies slip ons 3

I think the best part is that the changing process is really quick.  Have you ever had a baby who is near impossible to change?  They arch their back and refuse to stay still for even one second?  This makes the diaper changing process that much faster.

huggies slip ons 1

And I’m sure many of you are noticing the messy house behind the adorable girl.  Gasp!  Yes–my house is dirty sometimes.  A lot of the time.  That’s how it is with little kids.  They just—mess.  They are messers.  They are messy.  When they eat, when they play, even when they watch TV (and yes, they do watch TV also.)  I’m a big believer in throw-away diapers.  They might not be the best for the environment, but when I have a billion other messes to clean up during the day, let me tell you, it is just SO NICE to be able to just throw away the diaper.  After dealing with my pooping-my-underwear potty training son for the last two months, I never want to have to swish out underwear again.

Whew–okay enough potty talk.  So raise your hand if you use Huggies.  Then here’s a nice little coupon for you to use to save a couple bucks on your next purchase at Target.

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  1. Mary Happymommy says:

    When my boys were newborns, they would squirt me in the face when I opened their diapers to change them! I had to duck every time.

  2. I can’t really think of a funny diaper change story… my little girl has never given me problems there. However, she’s recently been super interested in the potty so we’ve started sitting her on it to try and go. Never fails, no matter how long we have her sit on the potty, she will immediately hop off and pee all over the floor right in front of the toilet. Every. Single. Time. Sigh…

  3. Lisa Brown says:

    I have babysat little ones that would tear their diapers off. Always amazed when this happened.


  5. My son has started to want to “help” – he’ll grab a wipe and start wiping down there, which isn’t always the most sanitary thing for him to do! Then we have the dirty diaper “eat” his wipe and we call it good 🙂

  6. I have an 11 month old who HATES diaper changes. I used to laugh at the pull-on commercials, wondering what the point was (because I hated pull-ups with my older daughter), but now I’m thinking of giving them a try, just to see if she’ll tolerate them better.

  7. Our son absolutely loves to play with his shoes while you change his diaper, so you have to play games with him to get him to put his feet down long enough to snap the diaper back on. 🙂

  8. One day my son took off his diaper and tried to put it on our cat

  9. finding diapers off and the pure happiness of fecal fun time ;p

  10. Don’t have one yet 🙁 Due in 3 weeks!

  11. Rachael Werth says:

    Changing diaper on diaper changing pad–lifted legs to slide another diaper underneath and boom..that squirty baby poo blasted straight at the wall like a hose. ew

  12. Changing a diaper and then forgetting to have the wipes right beside with a kicking baby boy is not fun

  13. I’m having a baby girl in Oct. And looking at all these comments makes me laugh. I can only imagine what I’m about to experience!

  14. I’ve been wanting to try these – starting to potty train our 2 yr old right now!

  15. cassidy hansen says:

    Changing diapers is no “Fun” ny!!!

  16. My funniest moments were always when my kids would roll and then run away in the middle of having a diaper change.

  17. Watching my niece try to change her own diaper at 18 mos. old was my funniest diaper changing moment. Cirque du Soleil, watch out–she went through some pretty impressive acrobatics.

  18. Changing diaper, get phone call from boss, forget no diaper on baby , someone at door, oh great MIL and some of her friends.

  19. Anne Haun says:

    Being “sprayed” every time I tried to change my son’s diaper.

  20. I remember the first few nights after bringing our first brand new son home changing his diaper in the wee hours of the morning……everytime cool air hit his you-know-what a stream of pee would fly into the air all over his pajamas and even his face on more than one occasion!! Now I see why ‘pee-pee-tee-pees’ are so popular 🙂

  21. I remember back 28 yrs ago I did a testing of a new product for Potty training. They were great then and they have really improved,I’m going to recommend them to the same child I used them on for his little guy.

  22. Christi Pike says:

    I took my granddaughters diaper off to change her and the next thing I know she slipped out by her little pool and pooped right on the deck. She walked away from it like nothing happened!

  23. Jessie C. says:

    Bought the wrong size diapers as a first time mom, way too large and use duct tape to help.

  24. I admit I don’t have one yet. My sister lives across the country, so I haven’t had to help much with my niece…just the fun stuff! I’m sure it will be a rude awakening when I have my own 😉

  25. My nephew would try and grab his feet, roll around and then he would laugh hysterically. Even though I ended up laughing, I never figured out why he was so fasinated with his feet while getting diapered. Oh well! kids are really funny or they think they are!

  26. Undoing a baby boy’s diaper just to have him pee immediately….on the man to my right!

  27. I remember those days of my babies arching their backs!

  28. I can only share one funny diaper changing moment?!! Hehe I remember when I had my second son I was even MORE tired than with my first. He wasn’t the best sleeper and woke up almost every hour to eat! One night I was changing him and we always put a diaper wipe over his private area so if he peed it wouldn’t go everywhere. When I changed him in the morning I realized I had never thrown out the diaper wipe from the last early morning diaper change! It was still in the diaper and completely soaked in pee! My husband and I had a good laugh at that! The things we forget when we’re sleep deprived! 🙂

  29. Right after we brought our first baby boy home, my husband took him to the changing table for the inevitable. While changing our little man, the baby had a sudden BURST of excrement evacuate his body and projectile onto my husband’s new shirt. My hubby ripped his shirt off and immediately threw it in the garbage can.
    Perfect waste of a shirt.
    Four boys later, and LOTS and LOTS of ‘accidents’ of the like, and I think that is the only clothing that met it’s demise via fecal-splurts.

  30. I can’t think of any funny diaper changing moments, stinky, gross, nasty, yes, but not funny. Wait, I take that back. When my DD had an explosive diaper and DH decided he would change it for me. Well, lets just say baby and daddy both ended up in the shower. 😉

  31. Stephanie says:

    When my son was a baby, we took him out of the car seat and there was poop everywhere! All over the car seat, all over his clothes. Of course we weren’t home at the time and it took us about an hour to clean him up. My husband coined the word “craptastrophe” that day!

  32. The first time I changed a cloth diaper…oompf. Totally messed it up — put it on the wrong way! Baby didn’t seem to notice, thankfully. 🙂

  33. The very first time I changed my boy at home, he started peeing everywhere. I was so shocked I didn’t even try to cover him up. It was a mess!

  34. My first child was a girl and 6 years later we had a baby boy and I wasn’t sure how to clean a baby boys parts.
    Thank you for the giveaway chance to participate.

  35. Amanda Hoffman says:

    when he was younger my son used to pee almost everytime i went to change his diaper

  36. when you think they’re completely done pooping, go to change the diaper, and then yup, there’s more! lots more! you can go through a lot of diapers that way!

    rafflecopter: daniel

  37. I can’t really think of a funny moment, except my mother-in-law had never used disposable diapers and was shocked by how dry to the touch the diaper was tho it was filled.

  38. Tabathia B says:

    Turning my head while changing my daughter on the bed and she scooted off and ran around avoiding a clean diaper

  39. rod jackson says:

    My funniest moment was when I actually needed and used a wooden clothes pin. My daughter convulsed in laughter.
    mrsrodjac at hotmail dot com

  40. Laura Jacobson says:

    Oh one of our funniest diaper stories was when we put a swim diaper on instead of a regular diaper…after dinner…we were wondering why he was soaked and the highchair was all wet….then we realized it was a swim diaper instead! UGH Had to laugh!

  41. having pee shoot straight at me while changing

  42. Maybe the times I had to use duct tape to keep him from pulling the tabs off the diaper? Nothing too funny about any diaper disasters! LOL.

  43. being so tired that my hands were all over the place while changing and landed right in a mess.

  44. Vivian Sun says:

    My daughter’s newborn bf poop shooting across the room on my walls and furniture was probably the grossest poopy moment.

  45. ellen casper says:

    Shot in the face just after taking my son’s diaper off 🙁

  46. It was before the diaper-changing that I (as the babysitter) was told, “I’m poopin’!”

  47. I was changing my baby, my 4 year old wanted to help, this 4 year old has a week stomach… needed some extra supplies asked the 4 yr old to get them, turned for just a moment to get the items from the 4 yr old to find the baby had grabbed a poopy wipe and put it in his mouth, the 4 yr then begins to vomit the moment he saw the baby doing this :/

  48. working with cloth diapers and making a mess.

  49. Sara Floyd says:

    My daughter has pooped straight through 4 diapers in a row!

  50. Getting my hand stuck in the adhesive and trying to shake it off on instinct and shaking a whole bunch of other stuff with it.

  51. Hannah H. says:

    I somehow always manage to put the diaper on backwards and then have to go back and fix it. : )

  52. Karen Propes says:

    No really funny story, my Granddaughter liked to wrap her dirty diaper in plastic bags before putting in the diaper pail, by herself !. She likes every thing in its place, she saw her Mother do that when they were on the road, so she assumed it was the way to do it, Thanks for the chance.

  53. My baby being too quick while I was changing diapers and he rolled around and made a mess.

  54. Ugh – babysitting I’ve been peed on and had blow outs that are insane!

  55. Julie Raye-Rod says:

    My first time changing diapers was an absolute mess. I used what felt like about 30 wipes and the baby didn’t look like a happy camper.

  56. I was babysitting my little cousin and he throw up on me when I was changing him. Lets just say I’m still scarred.

  57. Harmony B says:

    When I was changing my son he peed in his eye. I was grossed out but laughing

  58. Oh goodness, I don’t even know! Perhaps the funniest diaper moment for us came before the change…when my little guy was sitting calmly on daddy’s lap playing…and had a poopsplosion ALL over him!! Poor daddy!

  59. Tearing the diapers off and ridding of them like a bad habit.

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