10 Ways to Use Peeps

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Peeps are the Easter candy icon.  You can’t go more than ten feet in a grocery store around Easter without running into a Peeps display.  The problem is that Peeps are hard to eat plain…unless you are into marshmallow.  Then you don’t have a problem.  But I love marshmallow, as long as it’s IN something else.  I can’t do marshmallow plain.  So here are 10 Ways to Use Peeps in yummy recipes.

10 Ways to Use Peeps

Peeps Push Pops

chocolate dipped peeps
Tuxedo Chocolate Dipped Peeps

peeps smores
Peeps S’mores
peeps chocolate covered pretzels
Peeps Chocolate Dipped Pretzels

peeps cake
Peeps Cake
peeps pudding cups
Peeps Pudding Cups

homemade peeps
Homemade Peeps

Peeps truffles
Peeps Truffles

peeps nests
Peeps Nests

Easter Chocolate Bundt Cake
Easter Bundt Cake

There you have it–10 ways to use Peeps.  And they all look delicious!

Now the question is…what are you going to make for your Easter dessert?


  1. What a fun roundup of things to do with Peeps! Aren’t they just the cutest! I really appreciate that you included my cake in this post, so fun! 😉 Off to go pinning!

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