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As I begin writing my 1001st post, (and since Thanksgiving is soon) I wanted to take a moment to talk a little about my business and how grateful I am for the success I have had.

I started Honeybear Lane in 2009 as an Etsy shop.  I was getting back to my creative roots after spending so much time being a full time student and then a first-time mom.  My best friend was pregnant with her first baby and I wanted to make her daughter something special–this puff quilt.


It was something I had always wanted to make, ever since seeing one on my sister’s bed long ago.  So I figured out how to make a puff quilt on a machine, since I was not about to hand sew one.  You can see this first puff quilt was pretty rough and over the years I perfected the method.  And from this quilt came a whole creative DIY website, tons more quilts and patterns, and so much more success than I ever would have imagined back then.  I really am so incredibly grateful for my business and all the blessings that have come through it and for it.


When thinking about who influenced me the most in my business, I would say it was everyone around me–my husband, my best friend, my family, my parents, other friends I made along the way, and especially all of you!  All of those people really helped me to form my business to what it is now.  They have given me ideas, support, encouragement, and information about running a business.  They always seemed so impressed and amazed that I turned my passion into a money-making business that partially supports my family.  Running a business is never a solitary effort, even if you are technically doing it by yourself.  You are always being helped by anyone who gives you advice and encouragement.  I would have given up long ago if I didn’t feel the support from everyone around me and from you!


Another key to my success is being truly passionate about what I do.  I enjoy writing, but the true passion lies in the projects that I create.  I love decorating my house, doing DIY projects, cooking, crafting, and whatever else you may find here on my website.  I will confess that not every project has been my favorite thing, but no business is 100% fun.  But seriously, almost everything I do on here is something that I really loved doing.  And there are many things I have made and haven’t shared on here because I just ran out of time.  You know you love something when you will do it regardless of whether or not you make money.  Sometimes I’ve thought about quitting the website, but then I realize that I would be doing the projects anyway, so I might as well blog about it and continue my business.

What I’ve Learned

There are so many little nuggets I’ve gleamed over the years that I can’t tell you them all.  I could probably write a book about it all.  But I wish that I could go back and re-photograph my old projects and re format all my early blog posts.  I don’t just get on the blog and aimlessly blather on (well, sometimes I do).  I have a specific formula for each post and what makes them more accessible on the internet.  And I try to stick to an editorial calendar…without that I would be a disaster.  Every time I book a new campaign, I write the deadlines on my calendar so I don’t miss anything.  I’ve learned to make things regardless if ‘they’ve been done’ because pretty much everything has been done before.  But I always put my own spin on it to make it unique in some small way.  I’ve learned to deal with internet trolls and rude people–ignore it!  I’ve learned to manage my income more.  And I’ve learned countless new skills when it comes to DIY.  I feel so much more at ‘intermediate-advanced’ level on crafts that I used to be a novice at.  And I love sharing my knowledge!


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This post was sponsored by The Motherhood and The UPS Store.  All opinions are my own.



  1. I enjoy your blog and the great creative ideas you introduce to us.

  2. You rock Heidi! I love that you’ve turned a creative passion into a business…you’ve been smart about it without losing your desire to create 🙂 #viastories

  3. I love your story. I helped my aunt turn her passion of craft (quilt) into business a few years ago #viastories.

  4. Your business sounds like fun! It’s great to do what you love and make some money #viastories

  5. There is a local bakery that makes the most amazing cakes. We always buy cakes from them for special occasions and we have come to know some of the workers there personally. We have some amazing memories that have come from days spent with their baked goods. #viastories

  6. Mary Happymommy says:

    I don’t have a small business but I have a friend who started a photography business out of her home. It’s great she gets to do something she loves. #viastories

  7. Ellie Wright says:

    My mother-in-law recently retired and has started making aprons, tutus, and baby blankets/quilts. She’s hoping to turn it into a small business. #viastories

  8. Stephanie says:

    i would love to start my own business #viastories

  9. Our local hardware store is owned by a family and they are always so helpful when we are doing a home improvement project. #viastories

  10. Stephanie Phelps says:

    I love small businesses and try to support them! I would have loved to opened my own baby store #viastories

  11. Nicole Dz says:

    My friends sister has her own small business, and it is so inspiring to see someone take what they love to do and talents and turn it into a money maker. I love supporting all my local small businesses. #viastories

  12. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    Awesome hearing about your business! Makes me want to start one. #viastories

  13. Thank you Heidi for the story. I’ve been on your blog for years and have always enjoyed your DIY projects and humorous stories.

  14. Thomas Murphy says:

    I hope to start a small business some day! #viastories

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