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20 Things for Postpartum Recovery

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I know this is primarily a DIY blog, but the only thing I’ve been DIY-ing lately is a ginormous baby growing inside me.  This is my fourth baby and it’s been fun to be pregnant again after four years.  I’m 36 weeks now and hopefully this babe will be born in the next three weeks because MAN I’M HUGE.  I’ve been stocking up on all the stuff I’ll need right after the baby is born and I realized how much there is just for a postpartum mama!  There are so many little things you need just to take care of YOU because hello, you just pushed a human being through a tiny hole in your body after it grew inside your body for nine months.  So yes, your body needs a little TLC after that.  Here’s a great list of all the things you’ll need for postpartum recovery, and mostly while in the hospital.

post partum recovery

  1.  Pads.  Yes, it’s gross.  But you will bleed a lot after you have that baby and there ain’t no way I’m putting anything up in there.  Some people love to chill their pads for added comfort.  I like to get the extra long ones with wings for extra protection.  The hospital usually provided me with those ginormous thick ones but I only want to wear those for a few days.  You know, with the mesh underwear.  I’ve also heard of many moms using Depends.  That way you don’t have to worry about not making it to the bathroom in those first days.
  2. Underwear.  You will probably want some large size underwear that sits comfortably on your tender body.  If you had a C-Section, you won’t want anything near that scar so get some that is low rise.  This also goes for comfortable loose pants (like yoga pants.)
  3. Peri Bottle.  The hospital normally provides this but if they don’t ask them!  I couldn’t live without this bottle.  Fill it with warm water right before using the bathroom and then it’s like a little bidet for keeping yourself clean.  If you had a vaginal birth, the last thing you will want is rough toilet paper on your lady flower.


  1. These are amazing tips! I am 8 months pregnant with my first and I’m pretty much freaking out about the entire process. I would have never thought about bringing half of these items but the are definitely going in the “MY WATER BROKE” bag. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Heidi @ Honeybear Lane says:

      I think you always freak out a little bit and every time is a different experience. But good luck!

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