October Income Report

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October is over and it’s time for another income report.  Let me tell you, October was a month of intense learning!  I didn’t really make any more money but I have taken some big steps towards my goal.  The biggest one was focusing on growing my email list.

Your email list is your most valuable asset as a blogger.  And I cry inside when I say that because I’ve been blogging for FIVE years and am just now learning this.  Why is your email list so important?  Especially in this day when spam mail is rampant?  I know personally I get tons and tons of junk mail and at first thought it seems like WHY would I want to sign up for anything else??

Because it’s still more personal than social media.  And it’s not like bloggers can call you on the phone or come to your house.  So how else will we communicate directly to our fans?  Plus the people who are on your email list ARE your biggest fans.  These are the people who you can reach so much more effectively and can influence and help.  Isn’t the the real reason that we blog?


How I’m Growing My Email List

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First off, I left MailChimp and joined ConvertKit.  I attended a webinar hosted by them and was really impressed with their company.  Plus I got some great tutorials on how to use it from Abby’s course Book Boss.  ConvertKit is SO easy to use and understand and there is so much you can do with it.

I built a great opt-in.  I wrote out a 10-day email course (as a sequence in ConvertKit) about DIY Decorating in an evening and used some pretty optins from Optin Monster to attract people to sign up for my course.  People really value free information and the more information you give out, the more trust you build.

Okay, down to the numbers:

Here is the income report for this month:

  • Ad Networks:  $2200.03
  • Sponsored posts: $1075
  • Affiliate income: $88.72
  • Digital Sales:  $107.03

Total Income for October 2016:  $3470.78

So I did slightly better than September, earning about $250 more.  I’ve had a slight decline in sponsored posts though, because I’m getting really picky about what opportunities I accept.  I have decided to focus on one thing right now–an internet course!  I’m really excited about this course and if you want to keep in the know on this course just sign up here.   I fully expect to make less or the same amount of money until this course is launched.  

Are you interested in learning more about blogging?  I’m writing a whole series about it which I’d love for you to check out:


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