December Income Report

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Time for another income report!  I like writing these posts actually because its a good check-in on my goals and my finances when before I would not really pay attention to them except for a few times a year.  I’m excited for this year and my goals I’ve set are scary-big for me.  But I’ve learned that without thinking big, you don’t take risks.  This is a year for taking risks and making jumps into the unknown–which is super scary!  But I’ve faced my fears and every time they creep back into my mind, I just remind myself of the things I’ve learned to help me overcome those fears.  What are your goals for 2017?  What are you planning on doing this year…anything that scares you a little?  


Business Goals for 2017

Here are my biggest goals for 2017:

  • Launch my course:  DIY Decor Academy
  • Make at least $20,000 from my course
  • Make $10,000 a month by December 2017
  • Cut blog spending by 30%

I’m so excited for my course, you guys.  I’ve learned SO much about DIY and decorating over the last five years that I want to share with you how I do it and break it down into simple steps for you all to learn to do it too.  I sincerely feel like I can help so many people on even a deeper level than decorating, but help people to gain confidence in themselves and overcome fears.  I’m calling it DIY Decor Academy and if you want to stay in the loop about this course, sign up for my 10-day email course called “10 Days to Take a Room from Blah to Wow!”  I really, really hope you’ll sign up because I feel like I have so much to offer you all!  

Income Report Numbers

Okay let’s get down to the numbers!

  • Ad Networks:  $3088.69
  • Affiliate Income:  $156.3
  • Sponsored Posts:  $975
  • Digital Sales: $98.16

Total:  $4318.15

We’re up about $500 from November, so that’s good.  I’m expecting a drop over the next few months, because pageviews and ad RPMs are always lower in the first quarter.  Plus I’m going to take less sponsored posts so I can focus on building my course.  

Staying Focused

It’s SO hard sometimes to look at this report and be like ‘I should work on building up those affiliate links’ or something that starts to distract me from my big goal of launching my course but then I remember this story I heard.  When Mark Zuckerberg was building up Facebook, his main focus was just increasing users.  So his employees would come up with these amazing ideas for other things and even if it was sure to make them a lot of money, he would shoot the idea down unless it just increased users.  He stayed so focused and now look at Facebook.  So this is what I’m focusing on now, even if my Facebook page dies a little and my pageviews are down, I have to stay focused on my goal!  And once I’ve reached that goal, I will be able to branch out into other areas.  

Start Your OWN Blog today!

I keep getting comments saying “I really want to start a blog but what do I blog about?  How do I even go about setting it up?  I wrote a post all about setting up a blog in 3 steps which shows you just how easy it is.  As for what to blog about, blog about what you LOVE.  Blog about things that people ask you about a lot.  Are you really good at home schooling your kids?  Write about that!  Are you awesome at making food from your own garden?  Write about that!  There are so many people out there looking for specific topics and the more specific your topic, the better of a community you can create.  And that is so valuable these days!  So stop thinking about it and make it happen.  2017 is your year!


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