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Spring Bedroom Refresh

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It may still be February, but the weather is a little confused where I live and it was 62 degrees today (never mind the fact that it’s currently sleeting).  Winter can be so depressing to me so when the sun finally decides to shine, I have to take the opportunity to bring in some color, flowers, and other cheerful decor.  So I decided to do a little spring bedroom refresh!

spring bedroom

First off, I never really got to share with you my new bed.  I got this from One King’s Lane as a Christmas present and I posted about it for like a day but it was a sponsored post and because of some legal logistics, the company pulled the campaign.  So not too many people got to see it.  But here it is–in all its upholstered, tufted, and winged glory!  

spring bedroom

We upgraded to a King, and it was a long needed upgrade.  After sharing what felt like a small queen for the last 10 years, the space in a king size bed feels glorious and heavenly!  We also purchased the Purple mattress, which is cool because the company is just the next town over.   I’ve heard the owner of Purple used to work for Intellibed, so I guess they are similar.  

It’s this weird purple silicone type layer over some foam layers but it’s supposed to conform to your body better and allow for better alignment as you sleep.  And it’s a much cooler mattress since it allows air to go through the top layer, unlike memory foam which can get really hot.  It took me some time to get used to it but now I like it.  I’m not going to say it’s like the best thing ever because I think I naturally prefer softer mattresses, but those tend to get human body indents in them after awhile.  

spring bedroom

For the spring refresh, I didn’t do a whole lot but it made a big difference.  I wish I’d taken some before pictures!  I started by hanging this cute coral-flower wreath on this shutter I have in the corner.  Then I moved a large ZZ plant into the bedroom because it had gotten so big it was started to crowd its previous location.  I actually really like it in the bedroom, it really wakes up the space.  Plants just do that, and that’s why I’m kind of obsessed with them.

Then I hung up some simple black frames above the TV.  I’ve had these for awhile back when I did my first master bedroom makeover.  I found some cute graphics from Graphics Fairy and printed them out, totally simple and quick farmhouse style art.  

spring bedroom

The next thing I did was to fix my bookcase situation.  I have this single bookcase in the bedroom and it was just sitting against this wall looking awkward and overly stuffed with books.  

spring bedroom

I took everything off the bookcase and sorted through the books.  I picked several to donate, several to use in my decorating, and all the paperbacks went into a basket that I put on the bottom shelf.  When you decorate bookshelves, you start with heavy and opaque items on the bottom and as you work your way up, you get lighter in color, objects, and the number of items.  I removed the jackets from some of my hard cover books and it turned out that many of the spine text was in a pretty metallic foil, which was such a pretty little bonus.  I layered a bunch of framed family pictures in there to add a little personality to the shelves.  

spring bedroom

I switched out a few of my pillows around the room, adding in more coral.  I just love that color!  The last thing I did was to have this custom sign made by Cottage Lane Creations.  I designed it and she seriously whipped it out in one day and delivered it the next day, along with another sign I’d ordered several weeks ago.  I love it so much!  

And there’s this one last picture I want to share just because I’ve always wanted to try doing this in Photoshop.  I’m not a great photographer and my biggest struggle in photographing my home is the crazy blown-out light from the windows.  So I took a blown-out picture and a dark picture and merged the two together and got this:

spring bedroom

Oh yeah, it looks totally fake but I just wanted you to see what I see when I look in my room.  We really do have such a beautiful view!  And hey, my Photoshop skills ain’t half bad!  🙂  

What are you doing to bring a little spring into your home?


  1. You have such a beautiful home Heidi! I love all the little details on the bookshelf and swapping out the pillows in your bedroom. And that wooden sign, and the plant! So much pretty here. You definitely have awesome photography skills. If I can get my photos to look half as amazing as yours one day I’ll be so happy. Thanks for the inspiration!

    – Gladys

    1. Heidi @ Honeybear Lane says:

      Thank you Gladys!!

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