5 Ways to Stay Warm in the Winter

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Well people, it’s only three more days until Christmas, and that means parties, gatherings, and functions until New Years!  It’s a great time of year…except that it is COLD!   We usually have heating issues when it gets super cold.  We have a pretty spacious home and even the two separate HVAC units struggle to keep it properly heated in the winter.  One of the bedrooms above the garage especially is usually really cold.  But in general, I tend to get cold really easily.  Winter is a struggle for me, so I have to take all the measures to keep myself warm.  Here are 5 ways to stay warm in the winter!

Large Area Space Heater

The big gift this year is a new Xbox One X.  It’s our first Xbox and we got a bunch of new games to go with it.  We already have the Wii U but my boys are getting older and interested in other kinds of games.  We also thought it would be super fun to set up a separate place for them to hang out and play–somewhere a little quieter like in the basement.  Our basement is unfinished though, so it’s not always a comfortable temperature in the winter.  We got this AWESOME space heater–The De’longhi Radia S ECO TRRS 0715E–to put down there.  It’s perfect for keeping an even, cozy temperature in a large space, so you could totally use it to heat your family room if you own heating isn’t keeping up with the cold.  Just keep it away from little kids and babies because it does get super hot.  We put it in the basement tucked away so it heat the area but no one will mess with it.

Mini Space Heater

These things are so convenient.  You can take them basically wherever you need heat and they are super light and portable.  It would be even more awesome if they were cordless but I guess that would probably waste too much battery.  But still, my kids bedrooms don’t seem to heat well in the winter so we place these little capsule heaters (the De’longhi Capsule) in their rooms on low so it’s a nice comfortable temperature.

Electric Blanket

These things are the best for personal warmth.  I have this one on my bed and it just lays on top of me every night to give me a little extra warmth.  I can also cuddle with it during a movie or whatever.  It’s super soft too!  Just plug it in and adjust the level of heat and it stays on for about five hours.  You could also put an electric mattress pad on your bed which would go under you or a large electric blanket.  I like the throw size because it’s very affordable and easy to move from room to room.

Hot Chocolate

Who doesn’t love a hot mug of chocolate?  This is my go-to when I’m just SO cold and can’t seem to warm up.  Warm liquid running down my throat just instantly warms me up.  I love making a cute little hot chocolate station for my family during the holidays.

Water-proof Snow Boots

I can’t believe I’ve only owned water-proof snow boots for a couple of years!  I live in Utah and it can snow a LOT here.  I used to wear Ugg-type boots in the winter which are super cozy but horrible in the snow.  Once they get wet, your feet are toast and so are your boots.  They also have zero traction on ice.  I got me some cute snow boots and now I wear them practically every day in the winter.  They are super warm, keep my feet so dry, and I don’t slip!  And of course I wear them with fuzzy socks which are my winter faves.

What are your favorite ways to stay warm in the winter?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of De’Longhi Group. The opinions and text are all mine.


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