Essential Oils for Daily Wellness

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My Essential Oils Story

The first time I tried essential oils was around 2010 I think, when I was living in Arizona.  I had a friend who sold Doterra and she kept suggesting I try different oils for my various maladies.  I tried them and didn’t see any results so I kind of wrote them off.  A few years later I moved to Utah, the home of both Young Living and Doterra.  And then my brother got a job with Doterra, another brother got a job with Young Living, and then my sister started working for Doterra.  So essential oils started becoming more and more in my life.  But I wasn’t using them, and I wasn’t really interested in using them.  In fact, I got kind of turned off when people would talk about them because it was yet another MLM product being shoved down my throat.  #eatingmywords

When I started running more and more and training for a marathon, I asked my sister if there was a product she recommended for the pain in my knee.  She got me some Deep Blue from Doterra.  I started using it and really liked how it worked without me having to take pain medication.  I used to take ibuprofen all the time and I was starting to get worried about what it was doing to my stomach and kidneys.  So I wanted to find more natural pain remedies because as I was getting older, I was getting more and more aches and pains.  After my marathon I took a long bath in some Epsom salts diffused with essential oils specifically for relaxing sore muscles.  After that bath my recovery was so much faster and easier!

As a few weeks went by, I kept having this prompting that I needed to look more into essential oils.  They were becoming more and more common in my life, but I didn’t really own any myself.  I contact my friend Emily who I knew sold Young Living Essential Oils and bought my first starter kit from her.  The premium starter kit is so great because it has 11 of their most popular oils AND a diffuser, which I was so stoked to try.  Diffusing is definitely a super easy way to get started using oils and one of my favorite things to do.

Over the next few weeks I began to see more and more benefits and uses of my oils.  The very first night I diffused lavender at bedtime, my kids went to bed without fighting or complaining and went right to sleep.  You guys–that NEVER. happens!!  I’m not gonna say it happens every night but it definitely helps us all settle down at night.

Diffusing lemon and citrus helps me get energy, and diffusing Stress Away and lavender helps me decompress.  I use Frankincense on my skin for help heal and relax my muscles.  I actually used Frank on this mysterious blemish my daughter had on her cheek and within 2 days it was basically gone.  I rub Thieves on the bottom of our feet when we felt a cold coming on and the next day we felt better.  I rubbed Panaway on my shoulder when I’d been having this pinched nerve pain and it really helped relieve pain, but after a few days it went away completely.  (I’m not saying the oils *cures* anything but they are such a great way to help without having to turn to over the counter stuff all the time.)

I love using the oils in my day to day routines along with making healthy eating choices (seriously a huge challenge for me right now–it’s Christmas season!), exercising daily, and trying to get enough sleep.  I don’t really feel like you could use oils and expect awesome results if you’re still eating cheeseburgers every day and sitting on your butt.  You have to use them as part of an overall health and wellness regimen.

That being said, I’m going to be sharing lots of fun ways for y’all to use essential oils for daily wellness and I invite you to follow along and maybe even try them out yourself!

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