My Favorite Modern Farmhouse Pendants

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Apparently our method of coping with COVID is home renovations galore.  Along with several other projects, we recently changed out our island pendants.  This is actually something I’ve wanted to do for quite a while, but I was so indecisive about which ones to get!  I finally settled on one but I’m not going to show you them until I do my full DIY range hood reveal…soon!  In the meantime, I’m going to share with you some of my favorite modern farmhouse pendants.  I don’t typically like to spend a lot of money, but I did look around several places so I’ve collected some from higher-end sites as well as more affordable sources.

12 modern farmhouse pendants


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One:  This classic style of pendant is one I have loved for years.  If I were to get this style, I would get it in a very oversized version to make more of a statement.  This pendant comes in so many finishes, you could get it in whatever your preference.

Two:  I love this beautiful bell/dome pendant for so many reasons.  It’s reproduction so the glass has a super special quality.  Also there are several options on this link if you prefer green or blue tinted glass or even seeded glass.

Three:  This one has a white shade, although you can choose it to be black or cream as well.  It’s got a very modern and clean vibe, if that’s more what you prefer.  I loved the minimalist look of it, although it wasn’t quite right for my kitchen.

Four:  I got very close to purchasing this pendant so many different times.  My husband wanted a more solid metal pendant this time, so this was one we both liked.  I love the color of the gold and the shape is beautiful.

Five: If you’re having a horrible time deciding on modern farmhouse pendants and you want something farmhouse style while being simple and still matching your decor, get this pendant.  It comes in gold, black, or white, is a great price, and definitely has that farmhouse feel.

Six:  This simple glass and brass pendant is simple, yet elegant and also vintage at the same time.  I really love this one and it’s such a great price!

Seven:  You can’t go wrong with a classic lantern style as a pendant.  It works with so many different styles and doesn’t go out of fashion.  Look for this style in different sizes and finishes, most lighting sites have various types of lantern pendants.

Eight:  I went to Rejuvenation and this pendant was a picture on the home page which I just loved.  This is a different take on glass, being more squatty and horizontal.  I love the brass finish, but this pendant paired with one or two others really makes a statement!

Nine: This is definitely more of an industrial style and doesn’t really fit in my own kitchen personally, but I really did love it.  It would be so great in a more farmhouse industrial style home or basement or loft.  The concrete has an earthy vibe that I just dig.

Ten:  This big brass beauty is a statement for sure.  If you’re looking for a big accent of gold in your kitchen, look no further than this pendant.  It’s really the perfect lamp shade shape and is a really nice size and color of gold.

Eleven: When I stumbled across this unique light designed by Young House Love, I fell in love.  It’s reminiscent of the 70’s while having a still very modern vibe.  I also love how the textured glass distorts the view of the lightbulb inside, it’s just very very cool.

Twelve:  Man, I love this pendant so much I want to marry it.  I just love the feminine curves of the glass and how beautiful it is altogether.  I am actually going to put this exact pendant in my basement but I am a bit torn on whether to go with the gold finish or the black finish.  I’ll have to make that decision when it’s time.

Let me give you a hint:  I picked none of these modern farmhouse pendants!  I knew which one I wanted for a long, long time and it was more just a matter of finding the right item on sale and convincing my husband to agree.  Haha!  I can’t wait to share with you how my range hood makeover came together.  It was nearly a kitchen makeover, it made such a huge difference!

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