Thanksgiving Kids Craft…Make an Advent Calendar!

Making a Thanksgiving Advent Calendar was a really fun craft to do with my kids.

Confession:  I don’t love involving my kids with my crafting and sewing.


(Jim Gaffigan Voice:  She doesn’t like crafting with her kids?  She must be a horrible mother.)

It’s not that I don’t like to do activities with them, but it’s just SO much easier to get things done when I don’t have to constantly be like, “Wait, don’t touch that–be careful with that–no, no!  Lukey-get off the table!”

So it’s just better for everyone when I pick out designated activities to involve the kids in and then they can go hog wild.  Enter a Thanksgiving kids craft!


  1. Trace your kid’s hands on white cardstock.  You can see I wasn’t too careful and I even let Will trace his own hand sometimes.
  2. Use watercolors to paint the hand shapes.  Can you tell which ones Will painted and which ones I did?  You can’t?  Hmmph.
  3. Draw little turkey faces on the thumb.
  4. Used a number stamp pack from PSA Essentials to make the numbers and a circle punch to make them pretty with different colors.
  5. Put all the turkeys on packing paper and decorate it.  I failed this step because I just wanted to be done at this point.

I mean come on, how cute are these little hand turkeys?  And even cuter because they are my kids’ hand shapes.

And for the ‘advent’ part of it…we are going to think of 4 things we are thankful for and write them on the fingers–er, feathers of the turkey.

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  1. Soooo cute! Great way to use those PSA stamps! 🙂

  2. Those are so cute and what a great craft for the kids. I love how you’re going to countdown. I hope you are doing well. Miss you!

  3. awesome idea and you are NOT alone when you say that crafting with your kids isn’t your fave thing – mine either, but this idea is too cute not to try!
    Shared a link on my other blog, The Thank You Note Project FB page!

  4. Your Jim commentary totally made me LOL! (I’m kind of with you on the including-kids-thing)
    Great project!

  5. Such a cute project! Great idea, and great way to get them involved 😉 I am the same way with crafting and lots of times cooking too…but they just LOVE to help!

  6. What a cute advent calender! And, I love the Jim Gaffigan voice btw. Lol! I found you through Tatertots and Jello. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Such a wonderful idea!!! THANK YOU for sharing!

  8. That is just plain adorable. We did similar painted turkeys last year and used them as place cards on our Thanksgiving table. I would love it if you’d share this here:

  9. Cute idea, and easy enough to manage with my 3….thanks for the idea~

  10. Great craft! Perfect for spending time with the kiddos… I completely understand about the not involving kiddos with your sewing crafts:) Don’t sweat it….I think more moms feel that way then let on! Just featured your craft on Craft Gossip! Happy Turkey Day!

  11. fun idea!!!! i like all of it..the hand print tracing, the painting and then writing the things we are thankful for~
    great project idea!

  12. Love this idea!!! I will be making this with my daughter in the next day or two. Another idea for the advent part of it, is to write something on the back of each turkey to do as a family, so each day there is a different family activity. It could be a craft to do with the kids, making cookies, reading a Thanksgiving book, or as simple as taking a walk. I got the idea here,

  13. This is cute!


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