Glitter Striped Candles!

Want a fast and easy craft for Halloween that looks AMAZING? Try making these Glitter Striped candles! You can do so many designs with glitter but I was feeling lazy and so thought ‘why not just do stripes?’

Stripes are so modern and cool that you really can’t go wrong. Plus I LURVE them! So here’s how you make them…read after the jump!


  • White pillar candles
  • Loose glitter (I love Martha Stewart brand!)
  • Spray adhesive
  • Spray sealer
  • masking tape, (or painters tape)
  • rubber bands

First buy some cheapo pillar candles. I got these at Hobstance Lobstance (haha, that’s how my mom would say it) for 50% off but they probably have even chipper ones at the Dollar store.

Then get some glitter and spray adhesive and masking tape or rubber bands (or both.) Spray adhesive is super expensive, I had no idea! But once you have a can then you have it for a long time. I also bought the Martha Stewart brand glitter cause it’s awesome and so pretty.

First you tape up your candles so they have stripes. Here’s a great tip I learned AFTER I did the first candle–when taping make a little tab so it’s easy to pull off afterwards.

Then spray the adhesive onto that bad boy. Then MOVE your candle to a different paper plate and sprinkle glitter on it. Use two plates to keep moving the candle back and forth, pouring the residual glitter from the plates. And you can even spray again if you need more coverage. I used about half a container of glitter on one candle.

At this point you can spray witha  spray sealer if you don’t want the glitter to shed off.  After it’s dried completely, you carefully remove the tape (and if you made the tabs this will be really easy.)

For the rubber bands, just slip on the rubber bands as you like and cut them off when you’re done. This method was a little harder but I liked the variation.

The glitter looks awesome in the light of my house! Loving these, seriously.

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  1. Super gorgeous. I like the one with the rubber bands. Did you seal the glitter afterwards one way or the other? Thanks for sharing!

    • Heidi @ Honeybear Lane says:

      I didn’t actually do it at the time but I wish I had. So far they are fine since no one touches them but when it comes time to put them away…

  2. Wow, those do look great! Very pretty and creative. I love how they turned out. 🙂

  3. What a cute idea! Thank you……………

  4. Hey! They look great! I have a question for ya though. Have you lit these yet? I just made some glitter taper candles for Halloween and they burn funny (like the glitter catches on fire!). It may also be because they burn all the way down while a pillar doesn’t. I also use mod podge instead (which was a major mistake! it was too hard to work with in this application), which could be another problem. They look pretty, I just can’t burn them. Any thoughts? I love what you did! I wish I had read this earlier and hadn’t made mistakes on mine!

    • Heidi @ Honeybear Lane says:

      Sorry, I made these with the intention of being purely decorative, so I have not burned them. I’m sure the glitter causes them to burn weird though.

  5. Your candles are so very pretty, thanks for the idea! I have some blah looking candles kicking around and they need some sprucing up – and you can’t go wrong with glitter! I have your post here linked to my Halloween décor post too today, nice job!

  6. Carissa Fields says:


    Wondering where you got your Candle Holders from? I like the size and color of them! 🙂 and also great DIY glitter Candle Idea!

    • Heidi @ Honeybear Lane says:

      I actually made those too! I found some short candle stick holders and some coasters at the thrift store and epoxy’ed them together and spray painted after. Thanks!


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