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    • I didn’t actually do it at the time but I wish I had. So far they are fine since no one touches them but when it comes time to put them away…

  1. Hey! They look great! I have a question for ya though. Have you lit these yet? I just made some glitter taper candles for Halloween and they burn funny (like the glitter catches on fire!). It may also be because they burn all the way down while a pillar doesn’t. I also use mod podge instead (which was a major mistake! it was too hard to work with in this application), which could be another problem. They look pretty, I just can’t burn them. Any thoughts? I love what you did! I wish I had read this earlier and hadn’t made mistakes on mine!

    • Sorry, I made these with the intention of being purely decorative, so I have not burned them. I’m sure the glitter causes them to burn weird though.

  2. Your candles are so very pretty, thanks for the idea! I have some blah looking candles kicking around and they need some sprucing up – and you can’t go wrong with glitter! I have your post here linked to my Halloween décor post too today, nice job!

  3. Hello,

    Wondering where you got your Candle Holders from? I like the size and color of them! 🙂 and also great DIY glitter Candle Idea!

    • I actually made those too! I found some short candle stick holders and some coasters at the thrift store and epoxy’ed them together and spray painted after. Thanks!


  1. […] glittered it, mixing glitter colors to make them blend again.  For tips on glittering, refer to my Glitter-Striped Candle post.  To seal the glitter, I sprayed with polycrylic.  When it was dry, I threaded some baker’s […]

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