Doily and Paper Utensil Wrappers

Hey everyone, Steph here again.  November is one of my favorite months–fall, my birthday, my son’s birthday, Thanksgiving (this year they fall 3 days in a row!) and getting ready for Christmas.  That also makes it a super busy month.  Luckily, little touches make a big difference at a holiday dinner.  These silverware pockets are quick and inexpensive, and can be customized to fit any color scheme.

Here’s what you’ll need:
4.5 inch doilies

Brown packing paper cut 9 x 4 inches (I got my roll from the dollar store…you could also use grocery store bags)
Twine (also from the dollar store!)
Tape or washi tape
Glue stick

Fold paper strip to make a 3.25 inch wide pocket.  Adjust this if your silverware takes up a different amount of space than mine did.
Secure with tape.
Place doily on the front of the pocket and fold back the bottom and sides and glue.

Tie twine around the front of the pocket.

Add a strip of washi tape for some extra color if desired.
Add silverware.

Will these be making an appearance on your table this year?

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  1. so simple and cute! love it!

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