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  1. Though I loathe the idea of doing a house deep clean, thank you for making these printables. I’m actually going to print one out and do it (although I can’t promise that I will check off each item, I’ll give it a good shot!)

  2. Every house should be deep cleaned twice per year: for spring and for autumn/winter preparation. I do this for a living; and it gets easier as you do it so it does not take quite a long.

  3. Thank you for this! I’ve pinned it to pinterest and will be sharing! I’m putting together my own Spring Cleaning challenge on my blog this March, so this was great inspiration!


  1. […] Color Coordinated Spring Cleaning List:  If a color-coordinated Spring Cleaning checklist with everything you can think of is what you’re looking for, the lists by Heidi at Honeybear Lane are just for you.  These detailed lists are not only practical, but they’re colorful which helps make cleaning less of a chore and more of a….well, “joy” is going a little far, but these lists do make it tolerable! […]

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