Pinwheel Pillow Tutorial

This post originally appeared on the Riley Blake Designs Blog, Cutting Corners College. Pinwheels are the epitome of summer, aren't they?  And they are such an easy quilter's staple.  Even if you've never quilted before, you can make pinwheels without needing advanced sewing skills.  Check out this Pinwheel Pillow Tutorial! Here's What You Need: From Riley Blake's Unforgettable Collection -Main in Brown, 5x5 square -Hexi Pink, 5x5 … [Read more...]

Three Winners of Applique Away!!!

I apologize that this post has taken me a few days to get up...busy busy me! Thanks to everyone who voted in the Applique Away! contest, and thank you to everyone who participated! It was fun for me, and a great first contest I think. I will be having contests every few months to keep you all motivated to keep crafting, sewing, and basically being the amazing people you already are. :)Onto the Winners! Here was the final voting ballot:It was … [Read more...]

Finalists of Applique Away!!!

Before I announce the finalists, I want to specially thank Natasha, from Skye Reve Fabrics, for sponsoring this contest.  I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't have gotten nearly as many entries to this contest without her prizes!  I hope that you have all visited her shop and maybe purchased some of her beautiful fabrics.  I know I have and she has a beautiful selection and has always been so helpful.   I had a blast sorting … [Read more...]

Only three more days!

How are your projects for  coming along?Here's mine... (don't worry I'm not actually entering my own contest.  Then I'd have to just make stuff for myself!  Actually, that would be kind of nice...)I know...everything I do seems to be owls.  Well, I give the people what they want!I made this for a friend's baby shower gift, to go along with the appliqued owl onesie.  It actually gave me a great idea for another … [Read more...]

Applique Pillow with Piping Tutorial

So you know how to applique and you know how to make a pillow.  Do you know how to do piping?  (yes?  Okay...just humor me.)Supplies:AppliqueFabric for pillowFabric for piping (fat quarter) Pillow form or stuffingCordingTo do a name, I printed out the name from my computer in a ginormous fontThen I used the printout as a stencil for my adhesive-backed fabricsI wanted some zebra stripe, but not to overpower the applique, so I fused … [Read more...]

Get Ready for this…

Okay you remember how it's National Sewing Month?And you know how sewing projects are super awesome?And you remember how I just barely did an Applique tutorial?And you know how winning prizes is completely amazing?I am combing all of these elements to bring you...You are all invited to make an appliqued item and submit it to me by September 30th! I love applique because it is the easiest way to add a personal touch to a sewn item.  And … [Read more...]

Stacked Applique Tutorial & Happy Sewing Month!

Enter the Mama Stellato Giveaway HERE *******************Happy Sewing Month!  I was going to write a fun historical fact about sewing, but nothing was really all  Sewing?  Awesome.  History of sewing?  Snooze-fest.  But I'm planning some fun stuff for you all in honor of National Sewing Month, so get excited!  And if you're at all curious, pay attention to today's tutorial.  Supplies:A … [Read more...]


So the "Great Ugly Knit Upcycle Challenge" ended last Sunday. I knew I wanted to do something so I cut up a few old ill-fitting t-shirts. But there they sat, in a cluttery pile on my table, for days just taunting me "You'll never think of something cool to do with us!" But I sure showed them!Thing 1Thing 2They sacrificed themselves to become...New beautiful throw pillow that matches my new(ish) duvet cover!Look at those cool rolled up framing … [Read more...]