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Applique Pillow with Piping Tutorial

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So you know how to applique and you know how to make a pillow.  Do you know how to do piping?  (yes?  Okay…just humor me.)

Fabric for pillow
Fabric for piping (fat quarter)
Pillow form or stuffing

To do a name, I printed out the name from my computer in a ginormous font
Then I used the printout as a stencil for my adhesive-backed fabrics
I wanted some zebra stripe, but not to overpower the applique, so I fused it to some muslin
So you can see the zebra through the muslin.  Then I sewed the applique on and sewed a zigzag border
Now onto the piping:  First make the casing for piping using the Continuous Binding Tutorial (or you can just sew some strips together since you don’t need that much.)
Get out your cording…this is what it looks like. 
Get out your zipper foot
To sew the piping, shove the cording in the fold nice and snug.  Then sew a seam right next to the cording (the zipper foot allows you to get really close to the cording so it’s super snug.)  Sew enough piping to go around your pillow.
After you’ve sewn the piping, pin it to the top of your pillow, lining up your raw edges.  Leave a few inches of overhang.
Clip the corners to make it easy for pinning
To join your piping, unpick a few stitches and fold back the fabric to expose the cord.  Clip the cord.
Line up the cords, and fold your fabric under.  Then pull the fabric back over the joint, covering it up.
Pin it!
Sew the piping on.  You can actually put the back on here, but I never do because I’m worried it will turn out horribly.  As always, stitch right next to the cording.
It should look like this.
Pin your back on, right side facing in.  Then sew a seam on the outer edge of the piping (feel it as you go.)  Leave an opening so you can turn it inside out!  (You can also make this a pillow case, but you need to see this tutorial.)
Trim the edges and corners and then turn it right side out.
Put in your form or stuffing night and snug!  Then whipstitch it closed.
There you have it!  I love piping!

And speaking of which…how are your applique projects coming for:

I know the deadline is still a couple weeks away, but I haven’t gotten very many entries yet.  
Come on, don’t let me down, guys!

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  1. What a great tutorial. I didn't know how to do piping so this is great! Thanks so much.

    Check out my blog sometime if you'd like:


  2. Kim @ craftyNHmom says:

    That was great, you just showed me a better way to do piping. I've avoided piping for so many years, maybe I can try again!

  3. Sonya Hoppock says:

    What is applique away? please send me a link to your blog, if this is a contest I just might have an entry. Thank You!

  4. My daughter’s name is Heidi. I wated to 2nd child to use that name. Love how you sign your name. Thank You for the help. I’m new to quilting so I need all the help I can find. You were first one to have it plained out so well.

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