Herringbone and A TV Show Appearance

herringbone nightstand

This last Tuesday I got the opportunity to go on Studio 5--a local lifestyle show on KSL.  It was so fun!  I actually really like going on TV, there's this rush you get, haha!  They wanted me to demonstrate how to paint a herringbone pattern using painter's tape.  Remember my Silver Painted Herringbone dresser?  I replicated that pattern (except I did it RIGHT this time) on a little side table I painted for the master bedroom.  This little side … [Read more...]

How to Make a Couch Slipcover Part 1

how to make a couch slipcover

Wanna know how to make a couch slipcover? I did it!  It was a little rough going in the end but I powered through and finished.  What a conquest! Do you remember my original couch? It actually doesn't look half bad in this picture...but believe me, the material was terribly worn and the dirt was just ground in.  I might have revitalized it if I'd paid someone to come clean it professionally, but I was really tired of the red.  It is very … [Read more...]

My Aqua Zig Zag Quilt!

So things have been progressing. Remember my original Living Room Plans?  I've been working on that Zig Zag Quilt. I refuse to call it a Chevron quilt. Chevron is a gas station. My quilts are zig zagged.  (Sorry Jen!) I'm really happy with how it turned out.  I quilted the zig zags straight with about three lines in a row around each seam. Then I decided to free-motion quilt the border.  I made this quilt specifically for … [Read more...]

Aqua White and Silver Vignette

Remember how I love Aqua and White?  Now I love Silver too.  Here is my new living room vignette!! And be sure to read to the end for my exciting find!Silver vase with faux orchid:  Ross: $7, spray painted silver; Canvas picture of Luke:  Free offer from Canvas People; White frame: Target many moons ago with Hobby Lobby fabric; Birds: $7 together from Hobby Lobby; Silver frame: Wedding present; Blue vase: Home … [Read more...]

Living Room Plans!!

I am a 100% visualizer.  I absolutely cannot do things without trying to see them first.  Yes, when I put together my quilts I have an idea in my head of what it will look like, but I usually have to put the fabrics side by side and do a lot of experimentation.However, when you are planning out your home decor, you want to make the most of your money by making projects that are beautiful and that will hopefully turn out how you want … [Read more...]