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Herringbone and A TV Show Appearance

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This last Tuesday I got the opportunity to go on Studio 5–a local lifestyle show on KSL.  It was so fun!  I actually really like going on TV, there’s this rush you get, haha!  They wanted me to demonstrate how to paint a herringbone pattern using painter’s tape.  Remember my Silver Painted Herringbone dresser?  I replicated that pattern (except I did it RIGHT this time) on a little side table I painted for the master bedroom.  This little side table is so much fun…check it out:

beachy nightstand

I painted another side table white as well in my efforts to finally decorate the master bedroom.  It’s got a long way to go though, and I’m hoping we can purchase a king size bed in the next little while and then make a fun headboard and all that.


 To do this refinish, I followed my usual steps:  1)  Prepare the piece by sanding it down, 2) Paint with Valspar paint from Lowes, 3 coats and let each coat fully dry.  I painted with a combination of a foam roller and a paintbrush, 3) Distress with 120 grit sandpaper on my Mouse sander, and 4) Wax with Annie Sloan Clear Wax.

herringbone nightstand

Of course in between the painting and the distressing steps I did the herringbone pattern which really is very easy and quick.  The aqua paint color is Martha Stewart Yucca Plant.  Here is the video segment in which I show you how easy it is to paint this pattern without using a stencil–all you need is tape, paint, a ruler, and an exacto knife (or razor.)



  1. Oh you are adorable! Thanks for the video link.

  2. Good for you!! You look great on the clip. 🙂 Made sense and made it look so easy.

  3. Heidi, you look great! I’m so proud to know you. You did very well in the explanation and all. I’m almost tempted to paint something – almost.

  4. Heidi you did such a great job!!! Congrats and your herringbone dresser looks great!!!

  5. Ha! I watched it when it was shown on TV because Kurt called me and told me to turn it on. I’m wondering, is the host just whoever KSL put on the beat or is he independently interested in crafts anyway?

  6. Hi there! I love this dressed and I want to do something very similar for my baby’s nursery. I can’t seem to get the video link to open though. Is there a way you could email it to me? Thanks!!

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