Chevron Puff Quilt Pattern

This is a long time of those things that I meant to do back in like, July.  And there were too many other things to do.  Back in June (or May?) I received a very exciting thing in the mail--a copy of Love Patchwork & Quilting! It was super exciting because I was featured in it with a puff quilt pattern.  It was like a 5-page spread with beautiful pictures of my most favorite quilt I've ever made.  I made this quilt … [Read more...]

Twin Size+ Puff Quilt Pattern is Here!

Another long awaited pattern is here!  I have been asked time and time again if I make puff quilts larger than baby size.  My answer was and will always be 'nope, sorry!'  I really don't enjoy making large puff quilts because it is a lot of work.  So there is your fair warning.  But once it's done, I have to say, it's worth it!  My friend Sarah helped me make this quilt for this pattern and I probably couldn't have finished it without her, … [Read more...]

New Puff Quilt Pattern: ‘Puffy Island’

Presenting my newest puff quilt pattern!  I call it Puffy Island because all the little puffs with the flat white sashing in between remind me of little desert islands in the ocean.  This puff quilt is a mixture of puffs and traditional flat quilting--the best of both worlds!  I chose a rainbow ombre scheme for this quilt because lets face's super cute.  I've always loved the rainbow array of colors and I've got a few projects coming up … [Read more...]

A Twin Size Chevron Puff Quilt!

So I have a pretty firm and fast rule of not making puff quilts larger than toddler bed size.  But when fabric designer Ann Kelle contacted me and asked me to help her out in her quest of decorating a shared nursery--she wanted a twin size puff quilt--I broke my rule! I used the Rag Puff Quilt Tutorial for the quilt, using her own fabric, a fun yellow polka dot with white Kona.  And a blue and green flannel print on the back.  I made the … [Read more...]

New Puff Quilt Pattern & Giveaway!

GIVEAWAY CLOSED One year ago I released my pattern for the Puff Quilt.  And I'm so excited that I've sold nearly 700 copies since then!  I know there are plenty of quilt designers coming out with new patterns every month, but I am definitely NOT one of them.  So releasing a new pattern for sale is a big deal to me. Introducing... Miss Rag Puff!   This delightful quilt is the ultra-simple version of the Original Puff Quilt.  You still sew it … [Read more...]

Make The Perfect Machine Binding

Before I go bragging about this method I came up with after many, many miserable puff quilt binding experiences, I know I just have to say this: If you are a 'real' quilter, an 'authentic' quilter, you will probably scoff at me.  It seems like all quilters insist on hand stitching the binding to the back.  They will usually machine-stitch it on the front but then hand stitch it to the back.  When I first started getting into quilting, the whole … [Read more...]

New Quilts in My Shop!

The big day is here!!!  I am so so excited.  Not only have I listed 12 new items in my shop, but I am also listing a Limited Production License which if you purchase, allows you to sell your own puff quilts made with my pattern.  :) I am also very excited because this day marks the beginning of a lot of new products that will be coming to my shop every couple of weeks.  I know that a lot of my items are fairly expensive, but I hope that in the … [Read more...]

1000 HBL Facebook Fans Giveaway!!

GIVEAWAY CLOSED!!! Honeybear Lane reached a milestone this week.  We got 1,000 fans on Facebook!  I promised you all a big giveaway once we reached this milestone so here it is!! I am giving away 30 puff quilt tutorials!! and 1 special surprise from my new shop items to one lucky winner! (Keep reading to see what it is) I have been working like a DOG getting ready for my Fall Line of products coming out August 31st!!  I am so seriously … [Read more...]