Awesome Summer Giveaway!


There is nothing better than spending quality time with your family during the summer.  I can't wait to spend this summer with my hub and kiddos playing in the water, going on trips, and celebrating the holidays.  This summer should be awesome and I can't wait!  So what better way to kick off the summer than by having an awesome summer giveaway! Jump into summer with these awesome prizes provided by! You could win a … [Read more...]

Massdrop and a Fabric Giveaway

Screen Shot 2013-05-14 at 10.24.11 PM

There are always things we want on our craft supplies wishlist...and even when you have as much crafting crap as I have, you still want/need/dontreallyneedbutreallywant MORE.  And the thing holding us back?  Money, am I right?  Well what if I told you you could get a great deal on some of your most coveted crafting/quilting/sewing supplies?  Interested? You may have heard of They organize groupbuys for different online … [Read more...]

Good News for Sad Tummies: Lactaid


I'm pretty fortunate...I've never had a problem with dairy.  I can eat ice cream, cheese, milk, till the cows come home (pun intended.)  But my husband and kids are not so much that way.  And so many other people around the world suffer with some level of lactose intolerant.  To be honest, my family is not that intolerant...if that's the right way to say that.  But if they have a lot of lactose for extended period of time, things start to get … [Read more...]

Win a Year’s Worth of Method Laundry Detergent!


You might remember this little gem of a picture.  My kids are 1) adorable, and 2) very, very messy.   They can't even eat a few crackers without making a giant mess. That being said, my least favorite chore is doing laundry  And what do you know, messy kids=lots of laundry.  It is the most daunting and endless chore in my's never done!  Even if you work all day to be completely caught up, you are behind once again as soon as the day … [Read more...]

$50 Credit Giveaway to Charles Emerson Designs Jewelry


It's giveaway time!!  Who doesn't love good jewelry?  Well sure, we all do right?  But I think a lot of us don't spend money on jewelry because it's just 'extra' and not a necessity, like clothes or food.  I am totally guilty of this.  But lately I've been trying to find some good statement pieces to go with my outfits because jewelry takes your cute outfits that extra mile to really make it stand out! I am so excited to be introducing you to … [Read more...]

Spring Fling Baskets Giveaway!!

Spring Fling Favorite Things giveaway

It's time for the Spring Fling Giveaway!!  You can enter to win one (or all!) of these fun Spring-a-licious baskets! These giveaways are SO much fun!  I love seeing what all my blogger friends put in their baskets! Here's a closer look at MY basket: I shopped around for like a month, collecting these items.  I wanted them to represent a little of bit of all the things that make me ME!  And first off, I love how bright and colorful they … [Read more...]

Parris Chic Boutique Giveaway!


I have a fun new Etsy shop to introduce you to today---and then have a fun Giveaway! This shop is run by Alyssa Thiel and it's called Parris Chic Boutique.   She makes and sells beautiful home decor items such as pillows, candles, signs, coasters, and more!  It's beautiful work that is classic and modern at the same time.  And these things would fit into anyone's home decorating scheme.  They are all just lovely. Here are some … [Read more...]

Ipad Mini Giveaway! (2 Winners)

Pin It To Win It

What could be better that an chance to win a new ipad mini? Two chances to win an iPad mini!!! Two of our lucky readers will each win a 16 GB ipad mini with WI-FI (about a $350 value after tax)! We have come together with some of the most amazing blogs out there (I am sure you have seen their stuff ALL over Pinterest) to bring you this fantastic giveaway. We are all so excited! And we will be picking our lucky winners on the luckiest day of … [Read more...]