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Pinterest Inspired Project #1: Painted Glass Bottles

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So shouldn’t my projects be all sewing?  Um…maybe.  But they’re not.  I got an agenda of my own to fulfill and so I’m not going to work on only sewing stuff right now.  So thbbbtt!  (That’s me doing a raspberry in case you couldn’t figure that out.)

I first saw these beauties on Pinterest (do you follow me there?  You really should.  I have impeccable taste.  🙂

Image via Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/pin/79247130/

I knew it would be a very easy project to pull off.  Here’s mine…

And thanks to the awesome folks at DecoArt

I had in my possession two boxes of brand new paint.  (I know, it’s awesome to be a blogger.)

I went to the trusty thrift store and picked me up some cheapie glass bottles in unique shapes and sizes.

And I picked out the colors of paint I wanted to use from the Americana paints they sent me…

 (Are you all getting that my baby girl’s colors are pink, aqua, and yellow yet?)  I was tempted to make it monochromatic like the original, but I couldn’t resist the pink.

The rest is simple.  You must be patient and a brush is handy at times.  What you do is just pour the paint in the bottle and swirl it around until it covers the surface.  Sometimes the paint won’t go so you can help it out with a brush.  Other times a brush is useless so you just have to use lots of paint.  Tip it upside down for awhile, tip it back to try and cover the whole surface.

Isn’t this bottle cool?  It’s like a giant beaker.

Turn them all upside down to get out the excess paint and then let them dry for a long time, overnight.

Done and done.  One little thing:  That pink jar that’s the weird square shape had issues with the paint sticking.  It smelled like an old grandma’s perfume so I’m pretty sure it was a perfume bottle.  I think the oils inside prevented it from adhering well, so if you suspect oils inside, you might want to put some sort of solvent inside first.  Just sayin.’

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  1. So pretty Heidi. I’ve been wanting to do this too. It’s on my long list of never ending projects. When do you want to get together? I’m pretty open and some other lovely ladies would like to see you too.

  2. Maria Fernanda says:


  3. I was just thinking about how cool my glass stuff would look if it were in color and I was going to google it and see how its done…now I dont to! Thx heidi <3

  4. I am in love with these! I seriouslyhave probably come to your blog at least 10 times in the past 24 hours to check them out. I’m also pregnant with my first girl and am doing pink/yellow/aqua/white in her nursery. It’s been fun to be inspired by you and see what you are doing. Keep the nursery updates coming! 🙂

  5. I love these!! i would really love to do this project except there’s no place to put it in my house with a crazy 2 year old

  6. I love this idea! So cheap and chic!!

  7. These bottles are beautiful – I love the bright colours and how nice and thick the paint is. It’s nice to see a ‘block’ colour effect rather than transparent/tinted glass.

  8. I LOVE this – so beautiful! The paint looks gorgeous – I can’t believe you didn’t have more issues getting it to coat and stick evenly (because the square bottle does NOT look like it had any issues)! You might have given me enough courage to try this myself… I’d been really worried that I wouldn’t be able to get it to evenly coat and look pretty after reading about someone’s craft fail. Thanks for sharing!

    -Mel the Crafty Scientist

  9. I have made these and they are so pretty. I also put ribbon around the top of them and a little flower or button or something cute.
    I found though that when I put water in them, the paint will start to look droopy and separates from the bottle. I would recommend using for decoration only or silk flowers. But they are so pretty and with the acrylic paints your colors are unlimited!

  10. can these vases be used for water and real flowers or it will chip off.
    Please advise

    1. Heidi @ Honeybear Lane says:

      I actually don’t know…I imagine it will chip off over time.

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