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    • I can’t take credit for this idea, since it’s on Home Depot’s Garden Club site, but it is a new favorite for sure!

  1. I don’t see any “sheepskin fur” listed on Shannon fabrics website. Can you be more specific as to what you ordered?? Thank you!!

    • Shannon Fabrics doesn’t sell directly online but rather distributes their fabrics through retailers like local quilt shops. They will have a store finder widget on their site soon!

      • Did you use the white mongolian fur? It has a different consistency (in your photos) than any mongolian fur I’ve seen. Did that happen after you threw it in the drier?

        • Yes, it got more curly and looked more like real fur after I threw it in the dryer. I really love how it came out and it was one of the easiest projects Ive ever done.

  2. I suggest NEVER putting any faux fur in heat. It will melt and matt. If you put it in the dryer, set it so it doesn’t come in contact with heat.

  3. I am putting the fur rug I plan to make in front of our motorhome fireplace on a tile floor. I’ll need to put a pad on it before cutting (as your instruction says). How do I attach it?

    • I don’t think you have to attach it since it’s kind of sticky but you could hand sew tacks in if you’d like.

  4. Thanks do sharing! If I want to make a large rug.. How can I attach
    The pieces together? Can a sticky glue it, hot glue it, or
    Sew it.

    • I would probably tape it together on the back with carpet tape–I think you can buy that stuff at carpet stores. Or Duck tape might work nicely. that way you won’t have any bump in the rug.

  5. Hi! I actually bought a faux sheepskin rug. Unfortunately, my dogs have laid on it and it needs a cleaning. Any idea how to do that and what to use to clean it?

    • I can’t really give you recommendations for a faux sheepskin rug, since the one I made was from faux fur fabric. I washed a sheepskin rug once and that was a terrible idea! But the faux fur fabric rugs wash great.


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