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  1. Ellie’s room is BEAUTIFUL! What a perfect, peaceful, creative, unique, and lovely room for (you and) your daughter filled with pure LOVE in every detail! I am always amazed and inspired by you!

  2. Hi, Heidi! What a fun, upbeat, creative and very, very loving room for an obviously much-beloved daughter! She’s such a lucky girl to have a mom with all your enthusiasm and talent — and willingness to put in simply tons & tons of work to make her room delightful and unique. I love it. And equally well, appreciate what it must mean to all your family. Its efforts like that which make the kids, themselves, encouraged to grow their own sturdy wings to fly in wonderful directions.

    Thanks for sharing!

    A delighted great-grandmother & retired therapist,

  3. So, we’ve been seeing a lot of Parade of Homes decked-out rooms lately and this is better – by far. I love how different it is and how creative. It’s simple and all blends together really well. The vintage look is not my favorite style, but it works really well here and everything goes together harmoniously.

  4. Very cute room! It’s a really unique theme that feels modern (even though it’s vintage circus). I like how it’s calming and not “in your face” as was commented before.

  5. Delightful,charming,inspiring and beautiful! Well done! Thanks for giving me many great ideas. I can imagine your little one, waking up and gazing at all the lovely treasures, fun for her every day!

  6. So when you go into that room, do you feel like donning your ringmaster outfit and belting out the circus theme?

  7. Oh Heidi, it’s beautiful! I love the details. It totally isn’t creepy at all. Very classy, and actually quite feminine. Great job!

  8. I love how eclectic it is, with texture and color, while still being tied together by a common theme. Your DIY projects and the refinished pieces give it such a unique and personalized feel. I really love that all the individual parts are great on their own and then also make up a fantastic pulled-together room. You’re really so talented!

  9. I love this nursery! I especially love how your bentwood rocker turned out. I am currently in the process of doing one up myself and need some help (!). Did you use upholstery fabric or something else? Love love love!

    • I used upholstery fabric I purchased on Etsy since that large chevron was mostly sold out.

  10. Cutest nursery ever! I noticed the bedrooms carpet, love that it is a dark color. Do you know the brand, and color name? TIA!

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