15 Great Halloween Costume Ideas for Everyone

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Halloween is one week away!  Do you know what you’re going to dress up as?  Or what your kids are dressing up as?  There are some really cute Halloween costume ideas circulating on Pinterest right now.  Here are some of my favorites and I’ve included some links where you can purchase a similar costume if you are lazy like me when it comes to making Halloween costumes.

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Great Baby Halloween Costume Ideas!

How cute are these fluffy little chicks? (Click for the source)

Or purchase something similar on Amazon: Chicken Costume

This may not be the warmest costume for a chilly Halloween night, but perfect for babies living in warmer climates! Plus I just loved the whole picture. (Click for Source)

Purchase:  Mermaid Tail Romper Outfit

I love how beautiful this baby Peacock costume is! (Click for Source)

Purchase:  Peacock Outfit Costume 

Great Child Halloween Costume Ideas!

I wanted to do these for my boys this year with a “How to Train Your Dragon” theme…sadly I lacked the energy for elaborate costumes. Next year right? (Click for Source)

Purchase:  Viking Warrior Costume 

This is an etsy listing, but you could get creative and put together a dress made from white and red tulle and sew a little red cape. This is just a beautiful photo, don’t you agree? (Click for source)

Purchase: Little Red Riding Hood Dress Set

Remember these Yip Yip aliens from Sesame Street? I love these costumes, they just make me laugh! (Click for Source)

Purchase: Yip Yip Alien Costume

This is another Etsy listing, but really when it comes to little girl’s costumes, the possibilities with tulle are endless! (Click for source)

Purchase: Wizard of Oz Dorothy Costume

Great Family Halloween Costume Ideas!

I have to admit, I’m a real sucker for family-themed costumes. How funny are these s’mores! (click for source)

Or you can purchase a single ‘S’more’ costume:  S’More Costume

Another hilarious family theme. Are these easy to walk in I wonder? (Click for source)

Purchase: Penguin Costume

I’m loving the little chubby tomato in this BLT family theme… (click for source)

Purchase: Bacon Strip CostumeTomato costume

Great Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas!

Find an orange beanie and some green ribbon and voila! Super cute and easy baby pumpkin, or buy it directly (via Amazon)

Purchase: Pumpkin Hat

What a funny homemade costume! Some old clothes that you can shred up a bit and eyeliner pencil. Make the cardboard sign and done! (Click for source)

Purchase something similar: Toddler Lil’ Hobo Costume

Thought this could be last minute by pinning on some felt or doing a quick freezer paper method on the shirt. This would be fun if you had to whip out a bunch of kids costumes quickly. (Click for source)

Purchase: Crayola Costume

Fork in the Road: There’s a bunch of ideas like this on this site. (click for source)
Ceiling Fan: Another one that I thought was fun. (click for source)

What is your family going to be for Halloween this year?

**All these pictures are linked to their original sources, not my Pinterest account.  If you would like to pin these pictures to your own Pinterest account, visit the original source to Pin or Repin from my Pinterest board.  Credit where credit is due!  Thanks!! **


  1. teresa Humphries says:

    HLooking for a penguin costume for my 16 year old daughter who is obcessed with penguins for her birthday.

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