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25 Ideas for Craft Room Organization

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A few months ago I showed you my Craft Room Pegboard.  I’m getting ready to share the entire Craft Room Space but today I’d like to show you 25 inspiring and organized craft rooms.  I have so much stuff to organize that I’m always looking for new and attractive ways to arrange my stuff and keep it organized.  It’s so much easier to be creative when everything is in the right place and you don’t have to spend forever looking for what you need, only to realize you are out of it (sounds like me and cooking.)

I’ve been using Hometalk to share a lot of my home decorating and DIY projects. I created a board that is 25 Ideas for Craft Room Organization…check it out!  Click HERE to view all the Craft Rooms!

25 Ideas for Craft Room Organization

I have a few things left to do in my crafting space before I’m ready to reveal it to you. I don’t have a dedicated room for it, it’s just a partitioned off space of my living room. Sometimes you have to get creative in how you use a large space! I’m excited to share it with you here in a few weeks.

Did you get any ideas for craft room organization for your house? What do you still need to do?


  1. I really love your site, I tried to register, but the link doesn’t work. I hope you can register for me, I have been trying for quite a while. You have given me so many ideas
    Thank you!

  2. My sewing/craft room just got completed and now I am ready to organize my supplies and have found so many great ideas on your site. Thanks for taking the time to share.

    1. Heidi @ Honeybear Lane says:

      Awesome–good luck with the organizing!

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    Fertilize your bunk beds getting a 10 10 10 manure and ensure the garden see a sufficient quantity of water. any time nature is not encouraging in the contour or storm, you’ll need a landscape sprinkler to give a garden that centimeter of most water for each and every week, especially to start with,in the early stages, so that the eco-friendly fertilizer will get to the beginning and also also the regenerating vegetables or flowers may possibly have this type of water you need to grow.

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