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Six Ways to Use Shelf Liner When Living With Kids

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This post brought to you by Duck Brand. All opinions are 100% mine.

Sometimes I pretend that I’m an adult. Wait no–I AM an adult. But often when I look around my house I think “Why is my house so messy? I didn’t make that mess. Those aren’t my things.” It’s obvious that I live with kids. When you live with kids, your life is taken over by them. And so are the messes. I try my hardest to have a clean and beautiful home, but after cleaning up cereal on the floor every.single.day. and scraping off the gunk on the booster seat (which I will not confess how often I actually do) you just sometimes want to scream to the heavens “I GIVE!!!!!”  photo duckbrandshelfliner_zps081af161.jpg  But I recently discovered something that is going to make my life a teensy bit easier and a tiny bit less messy. Duck Brand’s Shelf Liner. Here are 6 brilliant ways to use Shelf Liner when living with kids.  photo lineashelf_zpsd40bb116.jpg #1: Shelf liner! Yes–that is a given. But it is helpful for the kids cups and things that tend to hold dishwasher water that seeps out onto the shelf and ruins the wood.  photo shelflinertoprotectchairs_zps20f1771c.jpg #2: Chair protector: This is great for kids of any age…if you were really desperate you could even upholder soft dining chairs in shelf liner–totally serious.  photo shelflinertogounderboosterseat_zpsf23a961f.jpg #3: Booster seat liner: Similar to a chair protector, this works doubly well for chairs with a booster attached. This makes cleaning the chair much easier than scraping off dried Cheerios and protects the wood from getting all scratched up.  photo shelflinerasaplacemat_zps174faed1.jpg #4: Placemat: You know how you feed your toddler some yogurt and the next thing you know you have a yucky mess/artwork all over your table? Use a shelf liner placemat instead and just rinse it off. You could also cut one to size to fit your highchair tray.  photo shelflinerformuddyboots_zpsce0b9fc6.jpg #5: Muddy Boot Dripguard: Just cut a sheet of shelf liner and lay it on the floor next to the door and there you go–a place for your kids muddy boots and shoes to go. Great for the winter when kids throw all their wet winter gear on the floor. Maybe get a cardboard box and put the shelf liner on the bottom of that.  photo useshelflinerunderneathtoothbrushes_zps81505c6a.jpg #6: Toothbrush Liner: This works great to catch toothpaste drips that can be hard to clean off the sink. These also work great for electric toothbrushes which always leave white rings on the sink. There you go!

I’m really impressed with Duck Brand’s Shelf Liner.  It comes in lots of different colors and patterns so using it in all these unique ways it will just blend in with my home’s decor.  What’s the best way you have used shelf liner in your house?

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