Spring Mantel

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Before I threw the Favorite Things Party, I wanted to invite spring into my home.  Especially since the weather was making me less than convinced it was spring.  I have some fun spring decor that I got out for my ‘mantel.’  It’s really my entry table since my actual mantel houses the television and will never look super girly and pretty.

spring mantel decor

I know Easter is now past, but this spring mantel could work for at least another month.

I started with my chalkboard.  I drew this simple chalkboard art with a few tips–wet down the chalkboard, draw a simple grid so that the entire picture will be centered correctly.  I write my words very basic at first and then fill them out and embellish them.  Then I take a rag damp in one spot and carefully wipe away the grid.  It’s the best way I’ve found!  I’m no expert at chalkboard art but when I really take the time, I can come up with something decent.

spring has sprung chalkboard

I purchased some of these eggs at Hobby Lobby and put them in my apothecary jars.   I also have some faux flower heads and blossoms to fill in my dark World Market cabinet.  I always love having fresh flowers, although my pretty flowers from Trader Joes had died before taking these pictures, dang it!

eggs in a jar

easter decor

world market cabinet

Mantels are not hard to put together, I just try to make them somewhat symmetrical while being visually interesting.  I have a centerpiece and items of varying height and color and texture.

spring mantel

I love having this little splash of color to greet me when I come in the house. But I know it won’t stay this way for long–I’m always changing things!

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