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Painting the Mantel

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I have been agonizing about the painting process for this for like two months.  I knew it had to be sprayed to achieve a more professional quality look, plus when I primed with a brush it was really hard to get in all the nooks and crannies of the trim.  So spraying was the way to go.  Unfortunately, I hate my current sprayer because it’s really glitchy and bulky to haul around and leaves this ugly flashing (when you can see the streaks in the light.)

I looked into many kinds of sprayers but the nice expensive ones seemed too big for a small job like this.  I really want to get the one recommended by my friend Sandra of Sawdust Girl, but she said that it takes a lot of paint to even get it started.  Plus it was pricey and my budget for the mantel was blown out of the water by choosing to install real stone on the heart instead of MDF (but I don’t regret that.)


I have heard about the HomeRight Finish Max sprayer for a long time, since tons of bloggers have used it.  I was worried it would be a similar quality to my current sprayer since it had a similar price point (which isn’t much, like $75.)  But I knew they worked with bloggers so I reached out to them for a partnership.  They quickly agreed to send me one of their sprayers as well as a spray shelter and we were set!  Awesome!  (Insert thumbs up emoge here!)


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