How to Remove Baseboards

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Hey friends!  I’m super excited because I’m going to be starting to add a lot more videos to my blog.  I feel like videos are such a great way to start to feel like you actually know the person behind the blog and you can see that I’m not scary 🙂  However I’m totally still a rookie at videos so be patient and hopefully they will get better!


I’m starting a new project of framing out a doorway so I can add some shiplap to my dining room wall so I will detail the process as I go along, as usual.  But sometimes it will be a video.  Today’s super ultra exciting video:  how to remove baseboards!  Haha!  But seriously, this is a valuable little tidbit of DIY info that is great to know.  It might seem intimidating to just start hacking away at your house but just know that you will be covering it back up with something better.  And for those of you in older homes, updating your baseboards is such a great thing to do to make your home feel newer.  

Video Tutorial: How to Remove Baseboards


  • Mallet
  • Crowbar
  • Utility Knife or razorblade

Step 1:  Use the knife to cut the line of caulking that is on the top of the caulking and sometimes the bottom.  

Step 2:  Use a crowbar or chisel (or both) to start wedging your way between the baseboard and the wall, hammering them in with the mallet.  

How to remove baseboards

Step 3:  Once you’ve gotten in, use the crowbar to start pulling the baseboard away from wall.  

Step 4:  Use the crowbar, hammer, or pliers to pull out the remaining nails.  

Note:  If you need to cut straight into a baseboard to remove some but not all, I use my Dremel saw to cut directly into the baseboard.  

There you have it!  Now that I’ve removed the baseboards around this entryway, I can start framing it out to have a pretty framed doorway.  


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