November Income Report

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Well my friends, I’m back with my November income report.  I’ve been seeing more and more of my blogger friends doing this for the first time (except they are making a lot more money than me!) but it’s always interesting to see how bloggers are doing.  I for one know that I’ve made a ton of mistakes blogging and could have been making way more money now if I hadn’t, but that’s one huge reason for doing this.  Looking at my income and expenses on a monthly basis really keeps me focused on my goals and aware of what is going on financially in my business.  That might seem like ‘well duh!’ to many of you, but I’m currently a 1-woman show and the finances often get neglected since my income isn’t our primary source of income.  Which is probably a huge reason why I haven’t been that motivated to earn more money.  But I’m really tired of seeing my friends far outearn me and that’s why I’m making some changes, people!


Okay here are the numbers:

  • Affiliate income:  221.31
  • Ad Networks: 2531.70
  • Sponsored Posts: 750
  • Digital Sales: 264.42

Total: 3767.43

So I still made a little more than October but what I realized is that I spent a TON.  I did a lot of posting as well as a lot of projects and I will be seeing the income from some of those posts in future months, but still.  I’ve decided to make one of my goals for 2017 to cut my spending by 30%.  

Affiliate sales are still meager but that’s to be expected because right now I’ve been focusing all my attention on getting a bunch of posts out and then developing a digital product.  You can’t focus on everything.  I’m hoping that this digital product will really help boost my income when I launch it in March.  So I’m not expecting any big leaps until then.  I’ll just keep plugging away!

Honestly, blogging is such a great job and still a totally viable way to make extra money, especially if you work smart.  If you don’t already have one, I have a tutorial here on how to start a blog.  If you enjoyed reading my November income report and are finding it inspirational, leave me a comment!  Tell me what your blogging goals are.  

In the meantime, if you’re interested in growing your blog and earning more money from it, here are some great books that I recommend! (affiliate links)

Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers by Tasha Agruso

Building a Framework:  The Ultimate Blogging Handbook by Abby Lawson



  1. Marie in VA says:

    Love reading your blog! I really appreciate your openness about how you manage your blog and the financial piece. I’ve always thought that it was something I wanted to do- for now it’s just a romantic dream 🙂

    1. Heidi @ Honeybear Lane says:

      Don’t let it just be a dream, you should try it now! Blogging is so fun and rewarding and tons of people I know have made it a full time career and make lots of money doing it. But mostly it’s just rewarding in so many ways–you’re doing what you love, sharing it with people and inspiring people, and supporting yourself at the same time!

  2. Ladah Turner says:

    I have just stumbled upon your post. I am trying to find a way to work from home to be with my children more. I am a teacher as of now. Any advice for starting out?

    1. Heidi @ Honeybear Lane says:

      Here’s my post for how to start a blog and it has links to other useful posts on how to increase pageviews and how to make money. http://www.honeybearlane.com/2016/10/how-to-start-a-blog-in-3-easy-steps.html It’s a great little side business and a lot of people have turned blogging into a full time career! If you are a teacher now, you could make your blog catered towards teachers or parents of whatever age children you teach. Write about what you know and are passionate about! Good luck!

  3. I love this!! Thank you for sharing it. I would love to do a blog but I don’t know the first thing about creating a website. Is it hard? What “template” are you using? Who is hosting your website? It all sounds so complicated. Perhaps you have a blog all about that stuff? Thanks so much for all that you do! You are an inspiration!


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